What Dyson Products Can You Buy From iShopChangi

Ishopchangi offers a wide variety of last-generation appliances to make your life better. They try to provide you with the latest innovations and upgrades on the market, that’s why they collaborated with the king of smart technologies and revolutionary inventions, Dyson. Read on and visit https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/brand/dyson to know what Dyson products you can buy from iShopChangi.

1. Blow dryers

At Dyson, engineers are always a step farther than other manufacturers, trying to permanently bring new improvements in everyday appliances so that the life of every customer gets better and easier. Hair dryers  are now packed with smart features that will blow you away with the unbelievable convenience they provide. The latest generation dryers from Dyson have versatile heat settings to take care of each type of hair, and a variety of nozzles to manipulate the airflow to your necessity and comfort. You will enjoy powerful motors that allow for a lightning-fast drying, without making your hair frizzy, brittle and dehydrated.

2. Vacuum cleaners

Are you tired of heavy vacuums? There are many lightweight dyson vacuum cleaners are available are available with a powerful suction and smart filtration that make your carpet and floor spotlessly clean in no time. You get rid of each and every microscopic particle of dust that would stay on your floor forever if you use a traditional vacuum. The lightweight and compact design allow you to carry the device around the house without difficulty. Acoustic performance is also outstanding, thanks to the noise reduction and vibration dampening technology that prevents annoying sounds and trembling during operation.

3. Air purifiers

Dyson air purifiers are smartly engineered to bring you top convenience and comfort while using them. You get the chance to manipulate the direction and the strength of the airflow to achieve maximum purification. The activated carbon filters catch almost 100% of pollutants that travel around your house making the air heavy. Even the tiniest particles are captured and replaced by cool and fresh air. Some types of purifiers can rotate automatically and catch contaminants at any angle.

4. Air Wraps

Air Wraps are the ultimate device for hair styling. They boast barrels with multiple holes that release controlled air that wraps around hair strands to curl them or add volume. The brushes have a role in smoothing out the hair and giving it the needed shape. You can choose from a number of heat settings to get the desired hairstyle, and even activate the cold shot to reduce the impact of heat.

5. Straighteners

Straighteners from Dyson enable next-gen features that make your hair flat with minimised damage. The flexing plates are smartly engineered to straighten the hair without using much heat. Less heat means reduced risk of frizz, dryness and breakage. You are free to choose from 4 heat settings depending on your hair’s tolerance to high temperatures. Safety is made top priority at Dyson with the integrated temperature control technology that monitors the heat output nonstop, preventing the device from providing more heat than your hair needs. There is even an auto shut-off feature where the device turns off itself after 10 minutes in case you forgot to unplug it.

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