What Can a Happy Home-Makeover do to Uplift Your Mood?

Have you ever sat down and thought about what a happy home-makeover can do to your mood? Are you feeling sad and depressed lately? Who doesn't? The pandemic has caused distress and isolation worldwide, with people being stuck inside their homes for a long time now. If you think that your mood needs a makeover, we recommend giving your home a facelift. You don't need to break your bank with some simple yet useful decorating tips inside your home that will replace your house's gloom with positive energy.

The trick is to start small while making a few simple yet effective adjustments in the surroundings of your home. It is all about quick fixes and tiny adjustments that can contribute tremendously towards restoring the happy vibes and fending off depression.


The Science Behind Simple Home Adjustments

You might have heard about the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, which revolves around living in balance and harmony within your environment. Feng shui focuses on how your instant living space affects your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Ancient Chinese art is backed up by modern science that indicates how one's environment can improve their mood and energy. While living in a nurturing, supportive, and energizing space, we take actions that make our life better by working like an upward spiral. Here is how to make tiny adjustments for a better living.


Letting in The Rays

Believe it or not but a simple adjustment like sun exposure can work wonders in treating depression. If we look at science, we see that natural light brightens our moods and boosts serotonin and endorphins production. Suppose you live in a place where accessing natural light is not feasible. You can use controllable artificial light. Your bedroom might not need as much natural light as your kitchen or living room. While exposing yourself to natural sunshine, your body will get the signals to stop melatonin production. Resultantly, you will feel more productive and alert.


Change Wall Colors

If you want to refresh your mind inside your home, you can experiment with colors. Remember that the colors inside your home should make you feel good. If you know someone prone to feeling depressed more often, decorate their room with at least 20% of their favorite colors. Most preferably, one of the colors should be more vibrant, whereas other areas should be flat colored. Light blue and green are soothing for the eyes and mind. Knowing about color psychology is an excellent idea before selecting colors for your walls.


Add Some More Mirrors

Mirrors can make excellent home furniture. Check out more at luxoliving.com.au on other furniture items that can make your living space look larger by providing an additional light source within the room(s). However, avoid placing a mirror across your bed as it is believed that mirrors keep bouncing energy around the room, which can lead to disruptive sleep patterns and restlessness. You may also want to remove heavy bookcases and relevant furniture while replacing them with lighter-colored and low-lying furniture, which will make the home environment feel lighter and elevated.

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