About Me


My name is Krystal Morrison. I love my family, I love my home, and I love my life.

I get to see a lot of inspiration from every part of my house, and am here to share all that I have experienced, with you. I believe a home should be clean, safe, loving and exciting.

I started Family Health and Wellness for women like me, but I know men will also learn something new, and so will your kids. After spending some time in the kitchen, be sure I will inform you about some awesome nutrition guidelines and some fantastic Kitchen tips. Am confident you will love my recipes too.

I believe health comes with happiness; I will not only discuss your health, but the health of your kids too. And to be healthy, you need to do some workout, that is why am obliged to give you some fitness tips to get you going. I am also a pet owner, so in love with my dogs, therefore expect a lot of tips about cleaning, caring and loving your pet.

I will also be glad to see you improving your home with the best tools. Expect a lot of product guidelines and reviews, which I believe you will need before going to spend your money on some item that will not benefit anyone in your home. Oh, I will also inform you of things you need to keep away from your kids and your pets.

I want to educate, inform, inspire and probably entertain you with home care tips. Oh, I am also a photographer, so if I give you a recipe, be sure I will take amazing photos of it.

I try to cover almost everything related to home improvement, health, and wellness, but if you see something I haven’t talked about, and you feel am the right person to discuss it, feel free to contact me with your questions and comments. Trust me, I will read them all, and I will be glad to help you.

It is always great to learn from someone else’s experience, welcome aboard!


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