6 Reason Why Leopard Geckos Are Amazing House Pets

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Leopard geckos are incredibly calm, look amazing, require little maintenance and cost, and do not take much space around the house.

When thinking of getting a pet, most people have a cat, dog, or bird in mind. But recently, there has been a rise in people interested in getting reptiles instead of mammals as pets.

Though reptiles do not have a well-developed brain like mammals, they can be excellent house pets. Passionate people who can afford and have a lot of money to spend might choose exotic pets like snakes, turtles, or even crocodiles. Luckily, you do not have to go to that extent.

Instead, you can have a cute and friendly leopard gecko as your housepet. This little reptilian is undoubtedly fascinating and a real head turner because of its exotic appeal.

About Leopard Gecko

These small adorable reptilian creatures grow about 20 cm and live for up to 20 years if appropriately nurtured.

These reptiles are native to South Asia and are very common, so you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy them. Unlike other reptile pets, they are very adorable and friendly creatures and can grow fond of humans.

Why You Should Consider Getting A Leopard Gecko

There are many benefits of having a leopard gecko as a pet. These benefits include-

1.They Are Easy To Take Care Of

Other reptilian pets need special care and a unique environment for their health. As most reptilians are cold-blooded, they have a hard time coping with different environments.

However, these leopard geckos are incredibly sturdy and resilient little creatures, and taking care of them is very easy.

You also do not have to worry about their diet since they eat commonly found insects. If you want to give it some high protein, a special treat, then feed it some TopFlight Dubia Roaches.

To create a suitable environment for them, you need a light bulb that will act as an artificial sun and keep the air inside the container warm.

The container can also be easily found in pet shops at a very reasonable price. These containers are not that big, meaning your gecko will not be taking that much space in your house.

2. They Can Be Fond Of Humans

When you look at them, most reptiles might not give you a friendly vibe and instead just glare at you.

Geckos, on the other hand, are calm and docile and can grow an attachment with humans of all ages. Petting geckos can be very relaxing.

And they do not get agitated easily.

However, even if they do get agitated, they will not attack humans. But it is wise not to let that happen.

3. They Are Pretty & Adorable.

Unlike other reptiles like snakes and crocodiles, they do not look intimidating at all.

It is quite the opposite. They are pretty little creatures. They have a wide smile, colorful dots on their body, and big round eyes that appeal to anyone.

Just because they are named leopard geckos does not mean they only come in leopard-like colors- a golden or yellowish skin with black spots.

They come in different colors like hypo melanistic, lavender, tangerine, and plenty more morphs. You are very likely to find the color that you are fond of the most.

4. They Can Live For A Long Time

Most casual pets like cats and dogs do not live for that long. While dogs live at best 13-15 years and cats live at best 15-17 years, Leopard geckos can live up to at least 20 years, and some can even live longer than that if they are well taken care of.

Most dogs and cats also suffer from different diseases, which will not be a problem for your gecko.


So, there is very little reason for heartbreak as your colorful reptilian friend will be by your side for a very long time.

5. They Are Easy To Breed

So you have gotten fond of your gecko, and now you wish to have the gecko as a permanent pet.

You will be glad to know that geckos can breed easily. Get the gecko a partner, and a few days later, you will find eggs in your container.

Unlike cats and dogs, and other reptilian pets, they are not picky about their partner so breeding them is not difficult. Now, you might also worry that too many geckos mean a lot more mouths to feed.

That is not a problem because you do not need separate food for your geckos. You can just feed them insects, and it will be the perfect dish for your pet.

6. The Containers Can Be Easily Made

We mentioned that the containers for keeping your gecko could be found at your local pet shop.

But if you do not like the pre-made containers for some reason and think that it does not have that perfect environment, you can just make one yourself.

To make a homemade container, you need a few glass panels, a solid flooring. Fit the glass panels together and shape up a box. You can add small plants, miniature trees, or tree branches and keep a small heat mat to keep the container warm.

These are very easy to make, and even if you do not own a container, you can just keep your gecko in your house.

As they are calm creatures, they do not frantically move here and there.

Final Thoughts

Cats and dogs, and even birds are mainstreamed pets, and almost everyone has them. So why not sail down a different path and get a leopard gecko as a pet?

They have all the benefits of other pets but none of their weaknesses. The cost of maintaining a gecko is meager compared to most other pets, and they are also very calm. Unlike other reptiles like snakes and turtles, they are also very fond of humans and will get easily attached to their owners. Now that you know why the Leopard Gecko is a fantastic pet, you should consider getting one for yourself.

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