How to Go Viral on TikTok before the New Year

TikTok ranks as one of the top apps downloaded in 2020, enabling users to craft and distribute videos. Should you have TikTok installed on your device, it’s likely you’re well aware of the non-stop entertainment it provides, which can easily become habit-forming. Nonetheless, ascending to viral status on TikTok necessitates amassing a greater number of followers, likes, and shares. While opting for a TikTok bot might help broaden your audience, additional methods exist to achieve this objective. Below are some strategies on how to achieve viral fame on TikTok before welcoming the New Year.

  1. Profile. The first thing to consider is how attractive your profile is. When optimizing your profile, every piece of information is essential. Your profile picture, username, and personal information all leave an impression on your followers. Avoid using a long username because many people will forget it as soon as they hear it. Make your username short, unique, and catchy. Use the TikTok Bio space to introduce yourself, content, and goals. Talk briefly about the style of content you create. You can also include Call to Action (CTAs) to drive your audience to take action. Your profile is the first place you communicate and persuade people to follow you.

  1. Be Hyperactive. If you want to go viral on TikTok, you have to post a lot of bright videos. Since you do not know what will go viral on TikTok, hyperactivity will allow you to increase your chances of going viral. Often, you spend time creating and edit your content. Other times, you may decide to post an unedited video only for it to go viral. As such, it is wise to post a lot. Once one of your videos goes viral, your entire feed will begin to go viral on TikTok.

  1. TikTok Challenges and Competitions. Every week, TikTok has new innovative challenges. These challenges may involve dancing or singing a popular song. TikTok users love to watch trending challenges. So, participating in these challenges and competitions increases your chances of people recognizing you. Some of these challenges are brand-sponsored competitions. As such, they will not only increase your reach, but they will also open doors to the TikTok Business Community. TikTok challenges will also encourage you to explore other music genres or topics that can make you develop an easily identifiable style that can expand your fan base.

  1. Controversy. Commenting is another way that can make you go viral. If you can have a controversial topic, it can help attract commenting. People love to give their two sides of a story on the internet. You do not have to do anything wrong to be controversial. There are topics that people are divided on, like is it good to use ketchup on eggs. Such topics will have people jumping in your feed to give their opinion. Eventually, these comments will make you go viral.

Going viral on TikTok requires innovation and persistence. If you are on TikTok, try these tips, and with time, one of your videos will become the talk of the day.

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