10 Tips To Set Up The Perfect Garage Workshop

Transforming your garage into a workshop is an excellent concept. The majority of homes come equipped with a garage that typically goes underused. By making a few adjustments and enhancements, you have the opportunity to convert your garage into an ideal workshop.


Most woodworkers try to avoid making long journeys to their workshop & end up turning their garage into a workshop. There are certainly some advantages to turning a garage into a workshop. You can save time, money and have easy access to the outdoors & do not have to worry about the heavy instrument or insufficient lighting.

That said, you need to make sure to take the following steps correctly to seamlessly set up your garage workshop.

1. Plan Your Layout Efficiently

Planning is the first & foremost step to take before you move the heavy tools into the garage. It doesn’t mean that planning is everything. But planning will undoubtedly give you an extra edge on better using the garage space.

First, make sure you have a ¼” grid drafting paper. After that, draw a planogram of all the tools you will place within the room. A thorough measurement is crucial for this as it will be the blueprint for your garage.

Plan the bigger tools’ placement first. Then keep specific areas for the storage & workbenches too. Next, make a plan for the dust extrusion system, power outlets, additional light requirements, etc.

Lastly, take your time planning, work on every corner, think of all the alternatives & how these can benefit you. By the time you have finished the plan, you will be able to efficiently set up the garage workshop.

2. Install Proper Lighting

Lighting affects the mood & accuracy of your work. Have you ever wondered why large shops have more lights? Simply put, so that it can create an ambiance and will encourage employees to work. Having a low lighting facility in your garage can affect you negatively, and maybe endangering your safety & accuracy.

Powerful LED lights make checking for correctness much easier. It not only lightens up the room but also helps to boost your mood.

Don’t forget that you will be using power tools. Low light may adversely affect your sight, resulting in losing your fingers. Also, if you do sanding, you know the importance of adequate lighting.

The accuracy of your work largely depends on good quality lighting. So,  ensure you have proper light installed in your garage.

3. Acknowledge The Power Source

Before acknowledging the power source, keep in mind that your main tools need power sources. For the rest of the tools that are used frequently, you can use plug-ins.

That said, it will be better if your garage is in an unfinished stage. This will enable you to manage the power sockets, outputs & cords more efficiently.

There should be enough cord available for the cable to be installed under the workbench, otherwise, there can be an accident in the long run.

If you continuously work with more than one tool at a time, and you don’t have two separate power sources, it will be better to use power bars.

Also, make sure not to overload the existing power source. Always read the manuals about the power consumption of the tool. Heavier tools may require 220-volt plug-ins.

4. Build Necessary Shelves

Building shelves are just as important as managing the power source. The tools that you don’t use everyday need proper storing when not in use.

That said, it’s important to install shelves for storing the small tools & other materials. You can keep the drill bits, sanders, jigsaw, routers under the workbench.

A rolling tool chest can be great as an additional storage facility. Mounting storage shelves on the wall for the chargers, hand planes & cordless drill is another go-to option.

5. Have 2×4" Plywood Benches

Workbenches are crucial for the workshop for resting to your back when needed. If the garage is spacious you can place 2×4” long plywood benches. Besides you can store your small tools there.

If you are working on a large project, a workbench can save you tons of trouble.

If possible, try getting a moving plywood bench to use the space more efficiently.

6. Consider Creating Wall Storage with Pegboard

The most common problem people face is the shortage of spaces after installing only a few shelves.

Wall space should be properly utilized and you can maximize that by wall-mounting the pegboards. Using long screws into the studs of the wall will allow you to hang the heavier tools too.

With a 4×8 sheet of pegboard, you can hang several toolboxes. .On average you will be using less space if you use a customized facility across the wall

7. Make a Material Storage

To ensure efficient planning, don’t rule out the material storage option. Also, with proper planning, you will be able to determine which instruments to buy & which need replacement.

So, while planning, keep space for storage.  Plywood racks can serve this purpose.

Don’t forget about the full list of materials & scrap wood. Build a wall storage cabinet to store these.

8. Ensure Safety Equipment

Last but not least, never compromise with the safety issue. Keep a good quality first aid kit & a fire extinguisher in your garage workshop at all times.

Fix a place for the first aid kit so that you don’t have to search for it when needed.

The enormous amount of sawdust gives rise to the chance of catching fire. Hence, a fire extinguisher is a must. If you have to work alone in the garage, make sure your family knows about it & checks on you frequently.

Keep a list of the emergency numbers next to the telephone. Wear a mask, hearing & eye protection every time you work.

Making a garage workshop is an upgrade to the ordinary garage. While you are adding the necessary items for the workshop, do not overlook common upgrades like insulation and soundproofing the place. You may need to invest in them as well.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be heart-broken if you have a little space for setting up a workshop. Efficient management can solve the problems for you. Go through these tips before turning your garage into a workshop for better evaluation.

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