Ways To Increase Recovery Time After A Surgical Procedure

Surgery of any kind is tough on the body. One way to aid in recovery is to build up your antioxidant status prior to a procedure. Taking vitamins will assist with this, but you want to think about starting these supplements at least a month and a half in advance of the surgery. Most surgeons will ask you to stop taking herbs and supplements two weeks prior to the procedure as some supplements may change the length of time an anesthetic stays in your system making it difficult to judge the correct dose. In addition, other supplements such as ginkgo biloba, aspirin or fish oil may act as a mild blood thinner which can increase your risk of bleeding. Some supplements that normally boost your immune system can be very dangerous if you are receiving an organ or bone marrow transplant. It’s important to discuss all of your supplements with your surgeon prior to your procedure.

Recovery After A Surgical Procedure

After surgery, you will likely need to take antibiotics which will keep you from getting an infection but these can also kill the healthy bacteria in your gut that helps you absorb nutrients. Taking a probiotic can assist greatly in your recovery as it will help to keep your gut healthy. If you are having a surgery involving your intestines, be sure to ask your surgeon when it will be safe to start taking a probiotic. Consulting with a specialist like a Naturopathic Doctor can also help you determine what kind of nutritional regimen would be appropriate and safe before and after your procedure. And of course, it’s important to remember to follow your surgeon’s recommendations to decrease your risk of a negative outcome.

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