What is Blonde Espresso

A variety of coffee options are available for your tasting pleasure. Among the latest to hit the scene is blonde espresso, which has rapidly garnered popularity among coffee aficionados. However, you might wonder, what exactly is blonde espresso, and how does it vary from the traditional espresso? Below is all you need to understand about blonde espresso.

What is a Blonde Espresso?

To understand a little about what makes the blonde espresso unique, we need to talk about the roasting process. When you are making an espresso, the beans first need to be roasted.

To do this, they are heated. Usually, they will reach a temperature of around 205 degrees Celsius (401 degrees Fahrenheit). At this point, the water inside the bean vaporizes. This causes it to crack apart. From there, they can be further heated until the cellulose cell breaks. This is known as the second cracking. This article explains the process in more detail.

In a blonde espresso, the roasting process ends after the first cracking. This impacts the color of the bean, making it appear lighter. While they haven’t been roasted as long, the beans will still have the same amount of caffeine.

What Does Blonde Espresso Taste Like?

One of the reasons why the blonde espresso has been taking off is because of its unique taste. It has a lighter flavor. It will retain the citrus flavors of the bean. This allows it to have a smoother taste.

The flavors of the bean will vary based on where they were grown. For example, you might be able to get some that have a stronger citrus flavor while others will deliver a chocolate flavor. These variations will be more pronounced in blonde espressos.

Of course, you can adjust the taste of the blonde espresso to your tastes. It can be more bitter than an espresso. So, you might need to add a little more sugar to the drink. It’s also worth trying different types of beans, so you can experiment with the new flavors.

Making a Blonde Espresso at Home

If you are intrigued by the blonde espresso, you don’t need to travel into a coffee shop. With the right equipment, you can make it in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is get a coffee maker. This guide will help you find an affordable espresso machine.

You should be able to find a blonde coffee roast. Starbucks sells them. You might be able to find one at your local markets. Before you buy, check the packet for a roasting date. If it’s not there, the beans aren’t fresh.  Alternatively, you can buy green beans and roast them yourself. Remember, you’ll need to stop after the first cracking. Once you have the beans, it will follow the same process as making a normal espresso coffee.

Once you have the blonde beans, you’ll need to grind them down. When you are making an espresso, you’ll need to make this grind as fine as possible. Put this into your portafilter. Tamp it down, making sure that the espresso is even.

Put it on the machine, and you are ready to start pouring shots. Over time, you’ll be able to customize this process to suit your tastes better. This guide gives you more helpful tips for making a delicious cup of coffee.


Blonde espresso is quickly taking over the coffee world. It is the first new espresso added to the permanent Starbucks menu in over 40 years. The lighter flavors and smoother tastes are sure to help spread its popularity. So, try blonde espresso today.

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