The difference between roof repair and getting a new roof

Should your roof start exhibiting damage indicators, it's natural to scout for the most favorable deals. Often, opting for roof repairs or re-roofing is a more budget-friendly choice compared to installing a brand-new roof. While re-roofing may be a cost-effective solution, it doesn't suit every situation. Understanding the distinctions between repairing your roof and replacing it entirely can assist in making the most suitable choice for your residence. Continue reading to explore the differences between repairing a roof and acquiring a new one.

  1. Re-roofing. Repairing your roof is quicker and cheaper than a full replacement. During a roof repair, your contractor places a new shingle overlay on top of any damaged shingle. This process provides a protective layer and improves the appearance of your roof. If your roof has a single layer of shingles, re-roofing is optional. However, building codes prevent re-roofing if you have two layers of shingles. In this case, you will need to get a new roof. Although re-roofing is inexpensive, it does not last long.

  1. Roof Replacement. You can get a new roof at any time you wish. Roof replacement involves removing everything from the roof down to the deck and replacing it with new felt paper and shingles. The number of layers of shingles on your roof cannot prevent you from getting a new roof. Due to the extra labor needed to replace a roof, the cost is slightly higher than a re-roof.

  1. When to re-roof. If you have an old roof, it can be an excellent idea to re-roof. You can also repair your roof if it has minor leaks but no significant water damage. If you are having your entire roof done, you can consider re-roofing.

  1. When not to Reroof. Roof repair is not always the best decision. Since the contractor will not lift the existing shingles, you cannot know your deck's condition. While you can spot some problems with the shingles on, there is rot or sagging that will not show beneath the shingle. Adding a new layer on top of the old one will only cover and not fix the problem. If you repair only a section of your roof, you will create more problems. The repaired area will be thicker than the surrounding.

  1. Considerations. If you are on a budget, re-roofing can still guarantee a quality upgrade. However, you have to ensure that the deck is not damaged. You also must choose quality shingles that can last you at least ten years. Hire a contractor to work on your roof since they are more aware of underlying requirements and building codes.

There are only a few times when it is worth saving money to repair your roof. Getting a new roof is a safer and durable option. Ensure you hire a contractor who can guarantee their work for at least ten years. If you wish to restore your roof, a roofing company in St Louis can do the perfect job for you.  


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