Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

During the chilly winter months, there's nothing quite like the cozy feeling of a warm living room. The Fireplace media console serves as the perfect centerpiece for creating a snug environment, inviting a homely feel for your loved ones, and adding a dash of sophistication to any area. Electric fireplaces offer both beauty and functionality. However, the amount of heat they generate is less than what you'd expect from a traditional wood-burning fireplace. These models are efficient, easy to install, and bring the genuine warmth of a classic fireplace into your home without the hassle. Most importantly, they do this without producing any smoke or ash.

The electrical heat element degenerates electricity undeviatingly to warm at a competent measure of about 99 percent. Considering there is no requirement for a furnace chimney or venting, the heat is all suspended in the vacancy with no radiation waste outward. Electric heaters are unhesitating in their heat regulation- flip a switch, and heat is generated immediately.

Electricity Usage

Electric fireplaces require a lot less portion of electricity in comparison with other gas heaters. When you see the annual bill, you will be awe-struck for a moment because of the huge difference they have in between. The electric fireplaces apply only around 1,500 watts of electricity. It varies from operational modes to modes depending on how you are using it.

If you utilize them rigidly for decorative designs, your operational expenses will fluctuate between 0.003 to 3 cents per hour. It is because the flames of your heater will only be stimulated, but no heat will be produced. On the other side, if we consider the maximum cost, the heater can charge you for every hour is 18 cents, if only you employ the heat at the maximum level. Considering all of the successions above, it will cost within dollar $52 to $80 annually for using an electric fireplace. On the contrary, the annual expense for a gas fireplace will range between $300 to $500 every year. Completely unbelievable, right? However, the electricity expenses flutter by geographic territory and fluctuations in electric service charges.

As for power dissipation, the common electric fireplace settles out about 5000 BTUs, which is sufficient to warm approximately 500 square feet of expanse. Suppose you opt for more comprehensive and more high-level electric fireplaces. In that case, it can deliver nearly 10,000 BTUs of energy, and they will definitely, charge you twice as much as typical electric fireplaces.

Simply because electric fireplace radiators are extraordinarily efficient and economical, it does not imply that they are the terminal heating resolution for your house. Electric fireplaces should be considered as supplemental heat reservoirs rather than your apartments' principle heat origin. They are not composed to be the chief heat source for your home.


Electric fireplaces will lower your annual electricity bills hugely than before. Make sure to check out if you want to learn about any fireplace. Never hesitate to install one at your house and bring the elegance of luxury to your lifestyle.

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