5 Tips for Searching for the Right RV Homes

The fascination with RV homes has been on a continuous rise over the years. Presently, in the US, the number of RV homeowners surpasses 11 million, with a 5% segment of these individuals residing in their RVs permanently. RVs provide a sense of liberty, adventure, and thrill. They afford you the comfort of a home while exploring different parts of the country.

They’re also proven to lower your vacation costs. A family of four that chooses to purchase an RV home can save between 21% and 65% in travel costs. With over 16,000 RV campgrounds within the US and numerous national parks, there are plenty of new and interesting locations for your family vacation as well.

However, it’s important to step back from your wanderlust and remember how big of an investment an RV home is. RV homes range between five to six-figure investments, and they depreciate rather quickly so hoping to get that money back when you sell in the future is rather foolish. That’s why it’s incredibly important to know what the right RV home for you is and how to narrow that down when searching for one. To help you in your search for the right RV home here are five tips to remember while shopping around.

Look at Used RVs

Purchasing a used RV home can help you save a ton of money. A used RV home will almost always have a lower price with a comparable setup to new models. One of the biggest deterrents for people looking at used RVs is that the RV may not be as up-to-date as newer models.

Think about buying a used RV home that you can remodel. If you have a super tight budget, focus on small areas rather than the entire RV Home. For example, a mobile home bathroom remodel costs anywhere between $2,000 and $8,000 dollars. You can use the money you save from buying used for any type of remodeling or renovations, whether big or small.

Build Your Budget, Then Your Wish List

Your budget really will dictate what your RV home can offer your family. Take time to go over your finances and understand how much you can spend on your RV home. Once you have a budget, you can then create a list of items you’re hoping to have in your RV home.

Depending on your budget, you may need to give in on a few items on your wish list, so make sure to prioritize your needs versus your wishes. For example, you might add a smart shower head in your bathroom or repaint your cabinets and add new fixtures. 

Always Check the Tires

Regardless of if you’re buying a brand new RV home or a used model, always check the tires. One way to check the tread of your tire yourself is to take a penny and stick it into one of the tire grooves. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tire tread is worn out and you need new ones.

There’s also a four-digit number that can be found on the back of each tire you can use to check when they were made. If you’re not sure that you’ll be able to tell the difference between good tires and bad ones, ask if you can take the RV home to be inspected by your mechanic before purchasing.

Think About How You Plan To Use Your RV Home

The way you plan to use your RV home will weigh heavily on your choice of RV. You’ll want to make sure the RV home you choose has a layout that’s suitable to you and your family’s needs. If you have a lot of people joining you on your trips, bunkhouse RVs might be suitable for you. Maybe you’re invested in cooking so you’ll want an RV with a larger kitchen and newer appliances. Consider how much time you’ll spend outside the vehicle. Many RV homes include outdoor entertainment equipment.

Always Schedule a Test Drive

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many horror stories there are of RV owners figuring out they don’t like the way their RV home drives after purchasing it. Make sure you schedule a thorough test drive, one where you can take the RV on the freeway and busier streets near the dealership. Even a small RV can be intimidating to the most seasoned driver if they’ve never tried it out before. You and whoever else in your family plans on driving should feel comfortable behind

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