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Fitness Goes Retro

Fitness is essential to our health, but sometimes the level of intensity can be off-putting to the casual onlooker. And pricey. And Lycra-y. Remember when exercise was fun? Tetherball in the back yard; riding your bike after school; hula hooping with your friends. A lot of those childhood “retro” activities can be enjoyed for fitness. […]

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Take A Hike Out Of Your Chair Into Fresh Air

The physical benefits of hiking, as an excellent form of aerobic and muscle-building exercise, are well known. Add in the varied terrain, fresh air, flora, fauna and the whole wild world, and hiking becomes extraordinary. Hiking as a family gets us doing something interesting, educational and together. Away, for the moment, from technology, television and […]

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Snow Play: The Health Benefits Of Winter Sports

It’s no revelation that California fosters a reputation for sunshine, summer and beaches. For many here in northern California, however, that ubiquitous imagery is replaced half the year with dreams of soft white powder and the crisp sound of edges slicing through snow. With our close proximity to the Lake Tahoe Basin, northern California has […]

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