The 7 Best Water Filter Pitchers for 2024

Ready to make a great investment in your health this year? One of the simplest ways to be your best self in 2021 is to make sure you’re drinking an adequate amount of water each day. And, to make sure that water delivers maximum benefit to your health, it’s important to invest in a water filter pitcher, so it’s always on-hand.

Water filter pitchers offer you the convenience of fresh, filtered water on-demand, in a capacity greater than any one single water bottle can provide. Best of all, filter pitchers live in your fridge, which means your water is always chilled, crisp and delicious. It’s enough to make you want to drink more water every day!

If you’re sold on the idea of a filtered water pitcher, do a little shopping around before you buy one. There are a lot of options out there—some better than others. We’ve compiled a short list of the best water filter pitchers for 2021, so you don’t need to look too far for delicious water, on-demand.

1. Aquaspace® Carafe® Pitchers

Rather than pick a single Carafe® Pitcher from Aquaspace®, it’s worth mentioning the entire line of pitchers. The reason is, there are filtering options for anything you’re wary of in your water—from lead and heavy metals to fluoride and chlorine. There are also filters for alkalizing water, which brings a whole new profile of health benefits to drinkers. To see how effective these water filter pitchers are, just look at the size of the filters themselves! They last 3-6 months depending on the nature of the filter and the accompanying pitcher holds 60oz. On this list (and in the industry), few water filter pitchers can stand up to the superior performance of the Aquaspace® Compound!

2. ZeroWater ZP-010

The big draw of this ZeroWater filter is the included water quality meter, which allows you to test the filtration capabilities of the pitcher. Check the water quality for lead and other heavy metals before and after filtering to see (and taste) the difference. Though it’s primarily focused on metals and common chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, this pitcher is a favorite among buyers because of its large 80oz capacity and 20-gallon filter life. It also features a handy spigot dispenser as a pour alternative.

3. Pūr Classic 11-Cup Pitcher

Of the store-bought, off-the-shelf brands, Pūr is the best, and its 11-cup pitcher is great for those on a budget. It doesn’t quite get rid of everything some of these other filters do, but it’s well-suited to many municipal water issues. It can reduce chlorine content, most industrial pollutants and pharmaceuticals, and harmful metals like mercury. The design of this 88oz pitcher is convenient and easy-to-use, and features an LED indicator that makes tracking filter performance simple. Expect to get about 40 gallons (2-3 months) out of it before a filter change comes due. 

4. Seychelle pH20

For those looking for a small but mighty water filter pitcher, the pH20 from Seychelle packs a punch. Although it only comes in at 32oz (64oz option available), it offers great filtering benefits by removing chlorine, fluoride, VOCs, heavy metals and more. It’s not rated for bacteria and other microorganisms. That said, it offers another benefit that makes it one of the best options on this list: alkalinity. By increasing the water pH above a neutral seven, this pitcher offers health benefits above and beyond just clean water.

5. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Looking for a pitcher with a long filter life? It doesn’t get much better than the 150-gallon filtering lifespan of this Aquagear pitcher. The filter is more than just a high-capacity one: it’s effective at trapping a full assortment of contaminants—everything from fluoride, lead and other heavy metals, to disinfectants, VOCs and pollutants. It features a compact design and is transparent for easy water level monitoring. At 64oz, it’s a little above average on price against similar models, yet offers superior filtering capabilities that make it a winner for everyday use in family households.

6. Invigorated Water Alkaline Water Pitcher

The oblong shape of this water filter pitcher might throw you off a little, but it’s a highly-effective filtering system with great capacity (about half a gallon). This pitcher relies on several filter materials, including activated carbon, ion-exchange resin, and mineral stones to achieve a thorough quality of filtered water. Moreover, it’s another alkalizing filter, which means you’ll also get the benefits of pH-enhanced water with every glass you pour. Filters need to be replaced every 96 gallons or so—more often with regular use.

7. Clear2O Advanced Pitcher

This pitcher is a bit of an oddity in how it works, but is extremely effective in reducing or eliminating over 200 different, common water contaminants. The pitcher connects directly to your faucet via an included adapter, so water from the tap is funneled through the filter media at a high flow rate. The activated carbon filter inside goes to work removing everything from chlorine to heavy metals. In many ways, it functions similar to a countertop filtering system, with the convenience of being able to live in the fridge. The filter is good for about 50 gallons, and the pitcher itself has a capacity of 1.75 liters.

Make the Best Choice for Your Home

The price points and capabilities of these pitchers vary greatly, so there are plenty of options for every person. Be sure to compare the same types of variables we did above, including filter lifespan, filtration capabilities, pitcher capacity, material and much more. The more boxes a pitcher checks, the better you should feel about bringing it home.

Remember, water filter pitchers are an investment in your health and wellness, and will pay for itself each day in the benefits you get from clean, safe, healthy water. No matter which one you purchase, be sure to make good use of it each and every day!

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