Unforgettable Fragrance: The Ideal Perfume

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The dossier was established out of an aspiration to make exceptional fragrances available to everyone. Dossier perfume is inspired by creed aventus and it’s totally Vegan & Cruelty-free” As scent lovers ourselves, it became impossible for us to show a blind eye to the price markups traditionally seen in the business. Whether it be marking up odors because of celebrity accredit fees or pricy packaging, we conclude perfumes were being sold for way more than they cost to produce.  It’s time to say farewell to feeling misplaced or cleared out behind when encountering premium scents and welcome a better approach to shopping; your possess. With a dossier, getting a charge out of clean, morally sourced, long-lasting, the high-end aroma is inside reached. For those who feel neglected by the industry, who are tired of scents being speculated, or who are inquisitive about venturing into another way of consuming perfumes, we can’t hold up to require the journey with you. Ambery saffron, is the perfect imitation of baccarat rouge 540

We accept values that stay the center of what the dossier is nowadays: a drive for greatness.

We never give up quality or cut corners. Ever. Whereas we may cost our fragrances underneath what you’re acclimated to, with each bottle of dossier perfume obtained, you’re getting the highest-quality fragrance sourced from Grasse, France—the aroma capital of the world. Our perfumers have the most noteworthy standards and values in intellect and we utilize higher concentrations than most popular brands to guarantee a long-lasting impact. Getting to premium scents shouldn’t be a benefit for fair the 1%, but the standard for all. We endeavor for decency and accept in offering high-quality scents at a cost you’ll be able to bear.

Our Scent reflects who you’re

  • The fragrance reflects who you are. At Dossier, we want our perfumes to do more than make you feel good. We want them to be good. For you and for the planet.
  • We take after strict U.S. and E.U. cosmetic security suggestions when defining our products, which are moral, maintainable, and sourced from the most elevated quality fixings. Our veggie lover and eco-friendly scents are 100% non-toxic and cruelty-free so you’ll enjoy guilt-free.
  • We’ve moreover nailed the packaging. We utilize recyclable, naturally inviting materials for our packaging which makes a difference to our planet and spares you cash. Win-win!
  • All our returned aromas are given to a charity for completely eco-friendly and moral deals prepared.


  • We get the significance of utilizing our brand to form significant alter. That’s why, at Dossier, we have taken some activities that point to form a positive effect on the world.
  • Our whole team makes choices with supportability in front of intellect.


  • Our boxes are made of 100% reused and recyclable corrugated boxes.

The glass of our bottles

  • The bottles of dossier fragrances are made with 100% reusable glass bottles

Our bottles are plastic free

  • We have ceased the generation of our 2ml test to decrease our plastic utilization. The as it were exemption is our pump, something else File is plastic-free.

Why do you want to buy dossier perfume?

  • When you smell dossier perfume, people will stop you and ask you which perfume you are wearing. You will feel refreshed by wearing our dossier fragrance. We create fragrances that you have never smelled before. dossier gives our customers a fragrance that makes them feel good and makes them feel refreshed and happy. When you leave home wearing dossier perfume, your friends will ask you where you got this perfume from, and what kind of perfume it is.

Give a dossier as a gift

Fragrances are passionate blessings that can affect exceedingly on your mood & feelings. A great scent can take you to the past and remind you about any individual. In case you’re feeling pitiful or focused, fair wear a great fragrance. The dossier has control to overcome your stress and make you are feeling light and cheerful.

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