Sons – The reported side effects of Oral Minoxidil

Oral Minoxidil offers a highly effective treatment option, aiding in decelerating hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.

However, like all forms of medication, there is a slim chance of encountering one of the reported side effects of taking this treatment. Let’s look at the potential side effects so you have a greater insight into Oral Minoxidil, no matter how unlikely you are to experience any of them.

Irregular heartbeat

When we feel panicky or something isn’t right, we can usually feel it in the rhythm of our heartbeat. It’s understandable to be concerned if your heart rate has changed significantly as a result of medication you’ve been taking.

Monitor your heartbeat and if there is a cause for concern, call 999 as soon as you can.

Red patches

Although this is more likely to occur with Topical Minoxidil, it’s not completely unheard of that skin redness happens with Oral Minoxidil either.

With Oral Minoxidil, it might not only be the scalp that’s affected. Keep an eye on your skin generally to see if there are any changes.


Remember that the cause of headaches can be down to numerous things we encounter daily, but if you feel that it is because of the Oral Minoxidil, consult your Sons prescriber or your doctor for assistance.


In your stomach, or perhaps other areas, it’s possible that you could spot some bloating. Normally you’d feel this as well as discomfort usually accompanies the appearance.

Weight fluctuation

Most people are able to keep around the same weight for a long time, but if you begin to put on or lose weight drastically, this could be because of the new medication that has been introduced into your system.


Even though the goal of Oral Minoxidil is to halt hair loss and start regrowth, you don’t want this to be excessive. If your hair growth is out of control, stop taking the medication until you’ve received consultation.

Fluid retention

Oedema is when your body retains water and looks like areas of your body are swollen, even if that isn’t exactly the case.

It can develop anywhere in the body, but it can often be seen in your limbs.

What other side effects are there?

The aforementioned side effects are uncommon, but there are even rarer instances that aren’t impossible. These includes numbness, tender muscles, breathing difficulties, rashes, and pain in your chest. You should consult a doctor immediately if you experience any of these problems.

For more information on Oral Minoxidil, explore the Sons website today.

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