Tips to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe in Hotel Pools

Lounging around the hotel swimming pool is often a staple of family vacations, especially during the summer months when children are delighted by their freedom from school obligations and keen to delve into various enjoyable pursuits. As guardians, it’s your desire for the whole family to experience memorable moments, which necessitates establishing certain guidelines to prevent any mishaps. This is because the combination of children and water frequently presents the perfect conditions for a potential holiday mishap.

Here are some rules to get started:

The Family Stays Close Together

When the parents are nearby, safety increases. Staying within reach of the children, particularly if one of them cannot swim, may avoid a possible drowning.

Make Sure Kids Have Coast-Guard Approved Flotation Devices

Being particularly picky on this point means that your kids will be wearing flotation devices that will attach securely to their bodies in several places and not just look cute. Look for some that are small and not a problem to pack.

Take Regular Safety Breaks

These timeouts not only force kids to take a break from all that running and swimming and not get overtired, but you should also take advantage of these moments to feed them, have them drink some much-needed water, and reapply sunscreen.

Accidents Do Happen

Even with the best safety rules put in place, accidents in hotel swimming pools do happen. It may be because whoever was supposed to be keeping an eye on them failed to do so or because of other dangers.

As if an accident and injury in a hotel pool were not painful enough, drowning is a true tragedy for any family to bear. In some cases, kids actually survive after a drowning but the quality of their lives is certainly altered forever particularly when brain damage is involved due to lack of oxygen.

Even though dealing with a drowning and its consequences is heart-breaking enough, families must seek the help and guidance of a drowning lawyer to address the situation and get the family the compensation they deserve.

Seeking Compensation for Drowning or Near-Drowning Accidents

While families that suffer a drowning or near-drowning accident must deal with enough heartache and grief, they must also turn their attention to recovering the damages to which they are entitled due to the loss of a loved one. And if the victim of a near-drowning accident has been hospitalized, needs rehabilitation and treatment to recover from the injuries, these costs should not come out of the pockets of bereaved parents. If this has happened to you and destroyed your family, you should consider seeking the advice of a drowning lawyer.

Determining Fault for a Drowning Accident

Proving who is at fault for a drowning accident in a hotel pool may turn out to be the most difficult aspect of the case. It is not just a matter of believing that the hotel should be held liable. There must be strong evidence to back up this claim. Skilled drowning lawyers will conduct the necessary investigation that is so crucial at this time. The party or parties at fault must be identified, and all evidence gathered. It is important to be able to show that it was not pure carelessness that caused the accident.

Determining Negligence

Your drowning lawyer will identify whether any structural or mechanical issues in the pool were at fault, be it a poor design of the area, defective gates or latches that were present, or the fact that there was no emergency equipment readily available. Also, they will determine whether a lifeguard should have been present or if the owner or manager of the hotel bears responsibility for the accident.

You can also help strengthen your case by providing your lawyer with pictures of the pool at the time the accident happened, copies of the police report, lifeguard schedules and their attendance, if applicable, testimonies from family members and others that witnessed the incident, videos of the scene, if there are any, information on whether other similar accidents have happened in the same place in the past, as well as any actions that were carried out to try to rescue or revive the victim.

Don’t carry this burden on your shoulders alone. A dedicated, compassionate drowning accident attorney can give you some relief during this tragic time by fighting for your rights and getting you the compensation to which you are entitled. They may also be able to get you punitive damages.

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