Tips To Find Best Small Slow Cooker

Slow cookers might take you back to the 1970s. Also known as crock pots, these appliances allow for the preparation of numerous classic recipes. They come in both basic and programmable versions, offering economical choices for consumers.

The nutrients of the food are retained when you cook in this cooker. Veggies, meat, or any other food you cook can retain its nutrients in the food cooked. Buy a slow cooker looking at features that suit your needs.

Features to look for in a slow cooker

Buy a slow cooker looking for features depending on how often you would use it. Buy a slow cooker that is microwave friendly, easy to clean, and comes with programmable options.

The one made with stoneware or Teflon-coating is durable and easy to use. There are many additional features you can look at such as defrost settings and come with a wide range of prices.

1. Size

For a small family, you can choose a crock pot that is between 1 to 3 quart. This size is suitable for singles as well as two people. You can carry it along with you, warm your food when you are outdoors, and use it for outdoor cooking as well.

A cooker that is 4 to 5-quart size is good enough for a small family. Cooking meals for large families, choose between 6 to 7 quarts. They are available in the round as well as oval shapes.

2. Searing

Not all models come with this function. If you cook meat often, choose a cooker that comes with a searing function. The sear settings are easy to use.

Sear a variety of meals and enjoy delicious meals. This is a great function for those who do not use stoves at homes. The meat can be placed in the inserts and can be seared before cooking.

3. Other functions

Choose the one that comes with a timer so it is easy to monitor the food that is being cooked. Multifunctional cookers come with digital timers. This is a built-in function that makes cooking different types of foods easy. It prevents food from being overcooked.

The warming function is another feature to look for. It helps in warming the food easily when you want to throw parties and serve food that is warm and delicious.

4. Digital displays

Slow cookers that come with programmable functions come with as many as 24 to 30 different settings. A few models are built with a Wi-Fi capacity. Get the one that gas gasket lids as it prevents the food from spilling. Sauté settings and various cooking modes are available in the cooker models.

Cookers that come with clippers for lids make it easy to take it along with you when you want to travel. Temperature controls are easy to monitor and let you cook foods in all kinds of temperatures.

5. Fancy functions

You can splurge a few extra bucks when you choose a cooker that has fantasy settings like auto cook modes that save a lot of cooking time.

Slow cookers come with an inner pot and are available in electric and gas cooking varieties. Light indicators are built into a few models and are not an essential feature yet serve a useful purpose.

6. Easy to clean

A slow cooker that comes with a non-stick coating is easy to clean. This is an essential feature to look for. It does not retain the smell or flavors from the foods cooked. Cleaning includes knobs as well as buttons. It takes less time cleaning and a few cookers are also dishwasher friendly.

7. Lids

This is an important feature to look at. The glass and the plastic lid are the most common variety for a lid. Choose a lid that comes with clips and a better locking system. It is easy to carry foods in cookers that come with secure lids.

A lid with a handle is even better to carry. A good lock also prevents foods from spilling. Buy a cooker that is certified and lab tested.

8. Safety tips

There are a few pointers to keep in mind when using a slow cooker. Check the amount of food you can put in a slow cooker after reading the manual.

You must thaw meat before putting it inside the cooker. It is not recommended to reheat leftovers in this type of cooker. Do now eat the food that is half cooked and remains inside the pot when the power goes out during cooking.


There are many dishes you can cook in a slow cooker except for a few things that you cannot do. This is not the type of cooker that can handle a lot of liquid. So, if your recipes include a lot of liquid, delicate foods, too many herbs, spices, dairy, or cooking with wine, this is not the right cooker for cooking these dishes.
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