The Journey to Parenthood: 5 Fun Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

Navigating the path of pregnancy and stepping into parenthood is an adventure without a guide, and there might be moments when you’re unsure of your direction. If this resonates with you, then you’re experiencing everything just as expected, given that pregnancy is a time of swift and continuous transformation. Those nine months often fly by, making it crucial to have a method for capturing each significant moment for future reflection once your baby arrives. Let’s celebrate your growing belly and chronicle the journey of pregnancy with these enjoyable suggestions.

Bump to baby photography

Is there really a better way to watch your body change than professional bump to baby photography? Capture that little first-trimester bump through to the ‘about to pop’ third trimester, ending with a series of newborn shots with the family when they arrive. Mobile phone photography may suffice in capturing how we are feeling on a certain day, but dedicated photography that documents the arrival of your baby is priceless. Most photographers will have great ideas around the location, poses, colour scheme and even props that will enhance your photography so even if you aren’t confident in front of the camera, they will still come out perfect.

A bump journal

Any woman who has been pregnant before will tell you that pregnancy is a cocktail of hormones, and often they seem to present themselves all at once and to whoever is closest. Journaling in pregnancy is a great way of actually articulating those feelings, good and bad, and getting them on the page for some catharsis. There is also the added benefit of reading these entries at a later date when your baby has arrived and you can’t quite remember what it was like in the thick of your pregnancy. For the most organic entries, don’t be prescriptive with what you write – maybe it’s a letter to baby, a to-do list for their nursery, or even just to complain about your sore body! An uncensored account is going to be more meaningful.


If you are a visual person, then a scrapbook is really going to appeal to you and how you want to document this special time. Ultrasounds, scans, polaroids, cards, letters, hospital instructions, baby to-do lists – there is so much that you can gather together and catalogue in your scrapbook. The idea is that you want to open the book and turn the pages and feel transported back to that time and the places and feelings you encountered every week. This is a beautiful keepsake to have for every child, and you might even wish to gift it to that child when they are at an age to appreciate it… only if you can part with the scrapbook though!

Measure your bump

You may find it hard to believe now that you will one day miss the bump and marvel at its beauty, but that day will come! After all, it brought your baby into the world and is a reflection of what our amazing bodies can do. Choose how frequently you want to measure your belly, every week on a Monday for example, and then record these measurements somewhere. If you want to include family and friends in this process, you can have them guess your measurements at certain milestones, which can really engage loved ones who live in a different city from you. This might be one to skip if you haven’t been thrilled with the changes your body has been making and won’t enjoy people guessing how big you have become!

Dedicated social media account

If you want to create a time capsule, then starting a dedicated social media account where you can document the journey through pictures, posts and location check-ins is a fun way to do so. This is particularly useful if you don’t want the whole world to know the intimate details of your pregnancy as you can be selective of who is following this private account. You may even enjoy sharing the journey so much that you open it up to the public and continue telling your story with your baby, then toddler and then school-aged child!

Pregnancy is arguably one of the most incredible phases in your life, and so you don’t want to miss a single moment! Put some of these ideas into practice and see which ones feel more natural and exciting for you.

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