Give Your Fire Pit a Makeover at Your Local Home & Leisure Store

Built-In Seating

Designing a seating area around your fire pit presents numerous options. Your decision should depend on aesthetic, level of comfort desired and budgetary constraints; building concrete benches may cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars but will add classic beauty that blends in beautifully with landscape, while Adirondack chairs may offer budget solutions with just as beautiful results while offering more of a contemporary vibe.

Wooden logs offer an informal yet relaxing approach to fire pit seating, creating a cozy environment for family and guests to gather. Their natural shape provides comfortable seating space; add plush blankets or throw pillows to complete the look! Alternatively, driftwood stools and benches add rustic charm.

For a more elegant and relaxed ambience, consider setting your guests up around a dining table or patio dining set. A table will give your seating area a luxurious look while providing space to set drinks and food on. Or try an outdoor daybed for an ideal blend of sophistication and relaxation!

Rugs & Blankets

Make sure your patio and fire pit feel more like an outdoor room all the time with cozy additions like throw pillows and woven floor blankets, throw cushions and cushions that offer maximum comfort – both can add color and texture while providing much needed support when lounging outside in lounge chairs or sofas.

Pair them all with a fire-resistant rug to create even more intimate seating areas! Round and rectangular fire pit designs tend to be more flexible than square ones due to their smooth corners that match organic forms found in backyard landscaping and patio furniture. Wool blankets bring both warmth and style to fire-pit lounge areas.

You can usually find places that offer classic plaid blankets that most people find appealing for a rustic outdoorsy appeal. Additionally, foldable outdoor blankets (which you can learn how to make yourself by clicking here) may be convenient when on-the-go; consider picking up one as part of your sports gear bag, tote bag, or car trunk to use during spontaneous picnics and tailgate parties!

Festoon Lights

Lighting is one of the key components of a patio that enhances its style and coziness, and string lights provide an instant focal point that can add style and coziness. They are often chosen year-round to add ambience or illuminati decks, porches, or terraces.

Threshold offers this classic string light as part of their vintage Edison collection – both stylish and bright! Each bulb includes replacement bulbs in case any problems arise with them.

Add a festive glow to your fire pit area by stringing these lights around a pergola or seating area – great way to keep summer evenings going after sundown!

If you prefer an alternative approach, standing posts may make the space feel like a bistro. Stake them into the ground or screw them into a concrete patio and string lights across them to achieve your desired ambience; these also work great for lighting dining tables or benches and come in black and white finishes to match any patio.

Plants & Flowers

An outdoor fire pit framed by plants brings an air of nature into any outdoor space. Selecting plants wisely for two reasons – providing privacy around the patio while adding color which complements or contrasts hardscape materials; they’re both crucial aspects to consider.

Perennials and low-growing shrubs make excellent options for this purpose, as they’re less likely to catch fire when planted near heat sources such as fire pits. Choose varieties available from your local florist or home & leisure store; common ones such as lavender or fuchsia for optimal results as they’re great in all climates. These perennial flowers have vibrant tones of red, purple and pink that attracts hummingbirds while adding texture to shady beds.

Annuals like marigolds make great border flowers around your patio. These hardy blooms can withstand heat without needing constant attention, lasting well past a hard freeze without much care required from you. Marigolds make an attractive option that adds splashes of color; just be wary not to plant too close to your fire pit!

Hibiscus vines make an excellent addition to a shaded patio, whether planted in pots or added directly into your garden, quickly growing tall to shade your seating area with their blossoms. Hibiscus is easy to care for and come in an array of vibrant colors which attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

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