How To Use GPS Trackers To Track Your Spouse

A strong marital relationship rests upon the foundation of trust. Yet, there are moments when either or both spouses may conceal information or stray from their commitment, leading to distress and confusion. To confirm if your partner is keeping secrets from you or engaging in infidelity, tangible proof is essential. It’s not just about uncovering the truth, but also about ensuring your mental well-being. 

If you suspect your husband or wife is hiding something or cheating and want to prove your hunch, you will undoubtedly want a GPS tracker to monitor them. GPS trackers have become an integral part of everyone’s life since their introduction. You can keep a watch on your loved ones or precious things with little money and effort. As a result, individuals prefer to rely on them to get 24/7 real-time monitoring for a variety of objectives.

Read on to learn more about GPS trackers and how to use to them to track your spouse.

Is it Wrong to Track Your Spouse?

Is it wrong to track your spouse? For many people, the answer is an emphatic yes. Many individuals believe that guilting a spouse into providing their whereabouts is controlling, however, there are several acceptable reasons for couples to exchange such information.

What are the Reasons to Track Your Spouse?

There can be several reasons as to why you want to track your spouse. You may suspect them to be involved in some illegal activities or they may be cheating on you.

Here are the most common reasons for tracking your husband or wife:

  • You may be jealous

There are times when you think that something is going on behind your back. You can also reason that your spouse is cheating in some way and you try to legitimize by claiming that they are in the wrong. If you have deep insecurities you may want to track them to make sure that you are right or wrong.

  • You are controlling 

From time to time tracking a partner can be a sign of control and concern. To keep them close, you may monitor things like who they can or cannot contact. You may do this via guilt or by a demand to isolate them from certain people. 

  • You are genuinely concerned for their well being 

Who doesn’t want to keep their spouse safe in today’s world?  There are times when you may have to live in a long-distance relationship or live in areas that make you nervous. In this case, it’s case tracking your spouse is completely fine. This can let you know that they have arrived home safely or in a safe place.

  • You like to stay connected

One of the good reasons to track your spouse can be that you want to stay connected. Tracking sometimes doesn’t always mean that you have to check in on them all day long. It’s sometimes just great to know where they are, what they’re up to, and when they’ll be home.

  • You don’t trust them

There are situations where your spouse has broken your trust once. It can be really painful to not trust them when they are out of your sight and you don’t know what they may do behind your back once again. So you may want to track them due to the lack of trust.

How Can You Use GPS Trackers To Track Your Spouse?

There are various ways in which you can use GPS trackers to track your spouse. Listed below are a few such ways:

  1. Use a car GPS tracker

Putting a car GPS tracker is one of the best ways to track your spouse who travels around in a car. You can secretly put a car GPS tracker in such a place that is hidden and cannot be accessed by your spouse. This type of tracker will let you know the real-time location of the car when your spouse is using it. You can check where the car is stopping or has stopped for a long time with this type of tracker and can even follow them secretly. This list of car GPS trackers created by experts at Family1st might be of help for you.

  1. Use a personal GPS tracker 

Personal GPS trackers are another way to track your spouse. These types of trackers are mostly very small in size and can be hidden anywhere you want. These trackers can also track location in real-time thus you will know where your spouse is going or whom they are meeting. All you need to do is put the tracker secretly in places where your spouse can’t find them. For example, you can hide the tracker in your wife’s purse or your husband’s bag where they may not look. Some trackers can also record conversations or videos present in the market.

  1. Use GPS tracking apps 

GPS tracking apps are perhaps the easiest way to track your spouse without them knowing anything.  All you need is their phone. There are various tracking apps available in the market that you can use to track your spouse. You only need to secretly install the app on their phone without them knowing. When these applications are loaded, they track the person’s position in real-time, allowing you to see where they are at all times. All you need to do is use your phone, computer, or tablet to track your mobile.

What are the Things to Consider When You Are Choosing a GPS Tracker to Track Your Spouse?

To track your spouse perfectly, you will need a GPS tracker that is functioning fully and can perform all the tasks you need it for. Listed below are some of the factors you need to consider before buying a GPS tracker to track your spouse:

  • Should provide real-time tracking 

Before purchasing a GPS gadget that records your spouse’s behavior and whereabouts, ensure that it includes a real-time tracking option. A real-time GPS tracker provides a variety of functions and information, such as route tracking, locations visited, time spent at a certain spot, and so on. It is the most important element of any effective GPS tracker, so make sure it is included in the tracker you purchase.

  • The tracker should be compact 

The size of the GPS tracker should be compact. It should neither be bulky nor heavyweight. You should be able to hide the tracker anywhere you want without your spouse finding it. 

  • Longevity of the battery life

One of the most important things you need to make sure that the battery life of the GPS tracker is long after all you wouldn’t want to lose your signal in the middle of tracking your spouse. The battery should be able to operate without the need to charge for at least three to four days.

  • The range of tracking should be high

There is always a chance that your spouse would travel a long distance with someone without informing you. They can simply tell you that they are going on a business trip or working with some colleague. But if you have a long-range GPS tracker, you can simply monitor or find them even if they go a considerable distance or to a location they did not inform you about.

  • The tracker should be easy to hide

One of the most important features of a GPS tracker should be that it can be easily hidden anywhere. You should make sure that the device you buy doesn’t make any sound or emit light from it. Also, the device should be dark-colored and can be camouflaged with anything


Is it normal to track a spouse?

Wanting to know what your husband or wife is doing when you are not with them is a common concern. People can also have concerns, about what their spouse is doing or whom they are meeting. Sometimes these concerns make forces people to track their spouses.

Is it legal to track your spouse with a GPS tracker?

The legality of GPS tracking a spouse has sparked several debates and inquiries. Various judges throughout the world have issued different judgments on the topic of using surveillance technology to follow a spouse due to various reasons.

What is the monthly cost of GPS trackers?

There are no monthly fees or top-ups required once you have purchased the tracker. Use the tracker as often as you like!  Your tracker will include a one-month, three-month, six-month, or one-year subscription. If your membership expires, you can renew it.  

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