Some Things That You Need to Do Before You Turn 30

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Whether you have ten years or ten weeks until you hit the milestone of 30, there are some things that you need to do and some experiences you need to live. Here, we will enlist a few of them for you.

Take a solo trip

Single or in a relationship, treating yourself with a solo trip is the essential thing that you need to do in your life. It will help you know yourself, and make you comfortable with your own company, says Jasmine, an educator with FineGrades who provide assignment help services and took an all-by-herself trip for her 30th birthday.

Learn to cook at least three dishes

There should be at least three dishes that you can cook without any YoutTube tutorial, recipe books, or help from a friend or mom. These could be any of your favourite dishes, your go-to comfort food that you can have any time of the day. There will be days when you are alone and sad. On those days, it is this comfort food that will uplift your spirits. If you drink, learn to mix three cocktails too.

Write a will

Will preparation is extremely important for people of all ages. It may be unpleasant to think about, but preparing for the inevitable is something that we all have to do. The earlier you write your will the better, so that if something unexpected happens your grieving family and loved ones will not have to deal with the state deciding how to distribute your property and assets.

Participate in a marathon

Run or walk; just sign up for it and you will see how much fun it can be. Do it to challenge you and lead a more active life. If it is for a cause, even better.

Go skinny dipping

Any chance you get, go skinny dipping and do it as often as possible for you. It will be an experience you will cherish.

Learn a new language

Of course, you are fluent in your local language, but it is always a good idea to know more than one language. Learning the language makes you compassionate towards other people's cultures.

Learn to read a wine list

If you want to cast an impression on your friends and future suitors, this is one skill that you can work on.

Throw a birthday party for YOU

Sharon, an associate with TrumpLearning, says that the last birthday party she had was when she was one, and her parents planned it. You know what, we hate to say it, but the same will be the case with most of us. You need to celebrate ourselves more. So, have all your friends over, drink, dance, eat, and party.

Get a health insurance

Health is uncertain, and you do not want to dig a hole in your pocket anytime you fall sick. Moreover, if you do not have a hospital cover by thirty-one, you will have to bear a high loading fee whenever you sign up for it after that.

Invest in a good quality bag

A bag is something that you need every day. So, make sure you pick something sturdy, washable, big enough to accommodate the entire load, and very durable.

Take a weekend trip with your friends

If you are married, there is a rare chance that you might have been on a grown-up trip with your friends. More so, if you are single, you might have always had your partner accompany you on your trip. Well, this time around, ditch your spouses and just take a trip with your friends.

Go camping

It will be living in a tent, but it will be worth it. So, get set go.

Learn meditation

As you grow older, you have many things going on – your family life, your work life, the deadlines, and so much more. So, to relieve yourself of the stress, you need to meditate and calm your mind, body, and soul.

Be aware of the politics.

Even if you have little interest in politics, it is always good and helpful to be aware of the leading political party, the opposition, and your state ministers, says Kylie, who offers the assignment help services. This is also important because now that you hang-out with grown-ups, there will be a regular mention of the politics and the leaders' policies.

Go on a road trip

Solo, with your beau, colleagues, or your friends, go on a road trip and live the adventure.

Get rid of all the loan

We know it is easier said than done, but a loan is always a burden. It is best to get rid of it at the earliest. Believe us when we say this, the feeling of getting rid of the financial debt is always priceless.

Take a class and learn a new skill

Regardless of what this new skill maybe, just enroll yourself in a class and learn something fun and exciting. From pole dancing to poetry, sewing, baking, the choices are endless. The only criterion is you have to do something that best interests you. Jiah, an associate with TFTH, says that at 29, she just enrolled herself in a coding class and loves it.

Take yourself to a fancy dining restaurant

You work hard every day of your life. So, you do deserve a fancy restaurant experience. We know it will be costly, but it will give you a unique experience that you will cherish for a long time.

Live alone

If you haven't already, get a house on rent for some time, and learn to live independently all by yourself.


Growing up is only fun up to one age, after that, you need to be cautious of what you eat and how much you eat. Further, you need to exercise daily to ensure that your body functions well.

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