Scratch Off Adventure Book Date Ideas

When was the last time you had an adventurous date? If you can’t remember, it must have been long ago. While it’s normal for couples to lose some of the enthusiasm for date planning, partners should put an effort to keep the romance alive.

Fortunately, The Adventure Book encourages togetherness and provides inspiration for adventurous date nights. It’s a great fit for those wishing to create meaningful memories with their significant others.

Have a look at some of the best date ideas.

Foreign Doppelganger

The foreign doppelganger is one of the favorites of couples. It can be performed at any time and requires between one and two hours to complete. Regarding budget, it’s completely free. This challenge prompts users to create a comic strip with three to six panels, telling the story of their relationship. Together with your loved one, you should draw pictures, write captions, and color them.

Nevertheless, there is a catch. The words should be written in Chinese by using Chinese characters. You should definitely use Google Translate to assist you with the translation. This challenge is perfect for couples looking to spend a night indoors. Check out some helpful tips for making a comic.

Couple’s Booty

Another meaningful date idea performed indoors is the couple’s booty. It takes at least an hour to a maximum of two hours to complete. The necessary budget for this activity is $5-20, as you will need some supplies. The goal of this challenge is to create a couple’s memory box, which can be a shoe box, jewelry box, cigar box, etc.

Once you find a suitable box, spare enough time with your loved one to personalize and decorate it. The box should be filled with small treasures you’ve kept from your dates in the past, such as movie tickets, love notes, fortune cookie fortunes, etc. This adventure enables partners to surprise each other by showing the mementos they’ve kept over the years. Together, you can combine the keepsakes and store them in a single box.

The Mad-Hatted Poet

Artistic souls would find the mad-hatted poet challenge a real enjoyment. It costs no money and requires one-two hours of your spare time. Each partner is supposed to write five words on tiny paper strips, meaning a total of ten pieces. There are no limitations on the words you choose as long as you don’t share them with each other.

The paper stripes should be put into a hat, and both partners are expected to draw out five words in total. After you draw the paper strips out, you should co-write a poem, rap, short story, or rap using these five words. You can use the words multiple times throughout the poem, provided you introduce them in the same order as they were drawn. 

Currency Exchange

Another amusing challenge for couples to try is the currency exchange. All challenges in the scratch off adventure book are designed to disconnect from devices and reconnect with your loved ones. The currency exchange adventure is no exception. The objective of this fun activity is to invent your own couple’s currency and print it on paper.

Moreover, the currency you create can be used to buy things like cooking meals, making a dessert, back rubs, different chores, etc. You can use your national bills for inspiration. Make sure to include your initials and determine the value of each bill. In the days to follow, use the bills to purchase everyday menu items and see who goes bankrupt first.

Penny for Your Thoughts

The penny for your thoughts challenge is part of the “I’m crazy about you” section, which is meant to bring couples closer. For this activity, couples are suggested to purchase the date box that corresponds with it. This box comes with two journals, two magazines, two pairs of scissors, two glue sticks, a metal stamping kit, and a pamphlet with instructions.

Partners are supposed to create special journals for one another by doing their best to personalize them. The stamping kit is used to make a mark on the journal’s cover that says something about each partner. Then, the instructions prompt users to take the magazines and create a collage of words and images on the first page of the journal.

Additionally, the instruction pamphlet provides users with the special task of writing a daily message to their loved ones in the journal. After writing in the journal for some time, you should exchange it with your partner and explore his/hers.

Helpless Baker

One of the most amusing adventures for partners to enjoy is unquestionably the helpless baker. It lasts between three and four hours, requiring a budget of $5-10. The idea is for participants to make a homemade pie, which doesn’t seem challenging enough for most couples. Anyhow, the trick is that the person responsible for mixing the ingredients must be blindfolded.

The other person is required to provide instructions only by making moves with their hands. In terms of giving verbal instructions, the leader is allowed to use three sentences only during the entire cooking session. The person who is less experienced in cooking gets to be the mixer of ingredients, i.e., the helpless baker.

In conclusion

It’s high time to revive the spark in your relationship.

Trade monotony for adventure!

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