Safety Tips for Your Kids as They Get Active

It feels like magic to watch your babies grow. And as they grow, it fills you with even greater joy to see them play and get active. Of course, it’s great to encourage your kids to get active, but you also need to care for their safety while they’re at it.

To give you peace of mind while your kids play around the house, here are some safety tips to note.

Never forget to stock up on first aid

Children sustain cuts and scrape a lot as they learn to play. Pain is also new to them, and it can hurt you to see them cry.

Although you can’t completely avoid such injuries, you can offer your kids relief by having a well-rounded first aid box. Manuka honey is also a highly effective remedy for wounds as it aids in faster healing. Treat your kid’s wounds as quickly as they sustain it before seeking appropriate medications.

Electrical safety

You probably have several appliances and wires throughout your home that your 4-6-year-old child knows little about. Shocks can happen, but they can be prevented.

Get an electrician to install safety switches to cut off power in event of electrocution. Carry out electrical repairs as soon as there’s any damage and keep naked wires or dangerous devices out of reach.

Teach your children survival skills

We’re in a world where unpleasant things happen to the weakest of us. Children should have the necessary knowledge regarding how to respond and cope with emergencies. Is your child lost and frightened? How do they react to the situation?

Basic survival skills your kids should know include:

  • Finding shelter and protecting themselves in the sun, cold, rain, etc.
  • Signaling, such as when in distress
  • Being careful around strangers
  • Teaching them what kind of substances to never eat or drink
  • How to apply first aid
  • Cooking
  • How to handle a knife

Prevent falls and injuries

As your child learns to climb, their inquisitive nature will push them to explore. Teach them about stairs and balconies and how to climb safely.

Install safety guards across the entrance of stairs and balconies for crawling toddlers.

It’s also a great idea to place stickers on use anti-shatter film on glasses to prevent a running kid from sustaining cuts when they mistakenly smash into it.

Prioritize taking harmful materials out of their reach

You’d see “keep out of reach of children” on many products. Do your best to adhere to this. Kids’ brains are wired to explore and try things out. Sadly, poisoning is one of the leading causes of injury to children under five, and these poisonous materials are household items.

Remove potential poisons; lock chemicals and medicines in a cupboard, and place a child-safety latch on the door.

Child safety tips around water

If you have a pool at home, you want to be extremely cautious with your growing child.

Install a pool fence and self-locking gate to prevent easy entry by a kid. The gate should never be open when you’re not there.

Also, ensure you supervise your child in the bath if they’re less than five, and do not leave themi alone in the bathroom. Don’t even leave them with an older child. Child safety is paramount around water.

Final Words

Even when we try to be extremely careful, some things still happen. It’s therefore crucial you have several emergency numbers on your phone, such as the police, children’s hospital, and local council, among others.

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