How To Make The Perfect Social Media Family Photos

Based on data, families on average dedicate just 37 minutes daily to spending time together. Hence, it’s crucial to make the most out of every moment with your loved ones. Capturing these moments through photography is significant if you wish to preserve every memory. Posting these photographs on social media platforms can be an excellent method for keeping friends and family updated about your life. Below are some strategies for capturing outstanding family photos for social media:

Get some Proper Lighting

If you do not have the right elements in place, taking candid photographs can be difficult. To avoid taking grainy photos that are pixelated, proper lighting is necessary. Attempting to take snapshots in dim lighting results in very unappealing images. On the other hand, too much light will wash out the colors. 

For this reason, you need to strike the perfect balance when it comes to lighting. One thing that helps in controlling illumination is a freestanding light. There are many lights in the market made specifically for photographs. With a bit of research, you can find the right one for your needs. 

Choose a Good Location

Adding appeal and depth to your photos is easy if you choose the right location. Instead of taking pictures in your backyard, visit a local park or beach. Such locations have plenty of natural beauty and are perfect for impromptu photographing sessions.  Moreover, taking your kids outside moves their attention away from electronics.

Use a Tripod

If you use your smartphone to take pictures, get a tripod to keep your phone stable. Ideally, you need a tripod that is at least five feet to give you a range of heights to work with. When using a tripod, a timer comes in handy for picture taking. 

Avoid Manual Zoom

When taking photos on a phone, many people make the mistake of zooming. As tempting as it might be to zoom in for a closer look, this can lower the quality of the images and your social media followers will just swipe past it. There are better alternatives to manually zooming: moving closer to the photo’s subject, using the crop tool afterwards and finding a creative background that improves the picture. 

Take Care of Your Lens

Every good photo starts with a neat camera lens. Before you start on the family snapshots, take a few random ones to test the camera’s clarity. Make sure to clean the lens with glass cleaner before you take any photos. 

Use the Timer

When possible, avoid using the selfie camera. Use the back camera for better quality and your social media followers will appreciate it. Prop your phone on a tripod and enable the timer feature that comes with most phone cameras. 


Once you take a picture, you can lightly edit before putting it on social media. Many photo editing apps are available and they make editing easy. One of the most popular iPhone apps in history, Facetune for instance, comes in handy during photo editing. Be sure to avoid over editing because people can always tell when an image doesn’t look real. They also love to see flaws in pictures, as it makes you seem more relatable and approachable. 

Enable Grid Lines

Did you know that your smartphone camera has grid lines? They improve the quality of photographs significantly. The grid line feature utilizes the rule of thirds, which suggests that focal points of an image should be at the grid line intersections, which results in a more balanced photo. 

Play with Different Camera Angles

If you want your family photos to stand out on social media, play with different camera angles to create an illusion of height and depth. Snapshots taken from different camera angles are more interesting and they generate more views. Try shooting from below and above to get a new perspective. 

Try Candids

Not all photos need to be staged and perfect. Take candid shots of your family to encourage engagement and help social media users to feel more connected to you. 


There are a number of ways to make your family pictures appealing. Playing with camera angles, editing photos, and using tripods are just a few tips that will help you to post perfect family photos on social media. 

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