Fun T-Shirt Making Projects for the Whole Family

An engaging arts and crafts project has a positive psychological effect on people of all ages, striking the perfect balance between skill and challenge to create a state of flow. Crafts have long been used as a therapeutic tool for alleviating stress,  improving concentration and promoting confidence. T-Shirt making can give your whole family the opportunity to spend time together, express creativity and create a functional and beautiful piece of art. Your family can experiment with a number of techniques to designing and creating your own unique tees. 

DIY Tie-Dye For Summer Fun

Tie-Dye is a simple, low-budget way to create a variety of colorful designs. All you need to tie-dye are plain white t-shirts, a few bottles of dye, rubber bands, latex gloves, plastic bags and a drying rack. SInce tie-dying can get messy, it’s best to work outside and wear clothes that you won’t mind getting splattered. Washing your t-shirt beforehand and leaving it damp can help the dye saturate the fabricate more easily. You can randomly scrunch and crumple your t-shirt, then add rubber bands to divide different sections of color, or you can try pinching the center of your t-shirt and winding it into a spiral, then using three rubber bands to divide it into six equal sections. There are a number of different folding techniques to achieve different looks; the spiral, however, is classic and easy to achieve. Once your t-shirts are scrunched to your liking, put on your gloves and begin applying the dye. Use squeeze bottles to apply different colors for each rubber banded section, then put your finished t-shirts into ziploc bags and let them dry for at least 12 hours. Make sure to wash each t-shirt individually in cold water at least once before wearing. 

Imprint Your Own Original Graphics 

Creating your own graphic tees can elevate your family’s t-shirt making game to a whole new level. You’ll need to invest in some equipment, like a heat press or screen printing machine, which makes it easy to transfer images onto fabric. A heat press works by using heat and pressure to imprint an image onto a piece of fabric. With vinyl heat transfer, the machine cuts out images in pieces of vinyl, then applies it to the fabric. A digital print heat press digitally prints the image on a special type of paper using solvent ink, and then presses the image into your t-shirt by applying heat. While children should not operate this type of equipment alone, they’ll love participating in the design stage and watching their creations come to life. 

Keep it Simple with Markers and Stencils

While this approach may not yield the most professional looking results, you and your family can still have tons of fun making t-shirts with fabric markers, fabric paint, stencils, glitter, glue, rhinestones, pom-poms or whatever else you want to throw in the mix. Younger kids will wear their creations with pride and feel empowered to express themselves through fashion. Making your own t-shirts can be a great idea for designing original halloween costumes or to commemorate a special event, like a birthday or graduation. 

T-shirt making can be a fun, relaxing way to pass time with your family, away from the distractions of laptops, phone screens and tablets. You’ll find yourself laughing, interacting and sharing ideas. Best of all, you’ll have a lifelong memento of the time you’ve spent together and a unique piece of wearable art.

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