Five Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

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A common misconception about creativity is whether an individual is born creative and that a person cannot learn to be creative. However, the truth of the matter is that with the right environment and the right amount of encouragement, we can help our children to be creative.

Creativity will enhance your child’s development and success. A child with good creative skills stands a chance to perform better at school and exhibit better executive skills later in life. Therefore, use your child’s formative years to nurture creativity. Here’s how:

You can support your child to pursue their interests.

As a parent, you may want your child to take an interest in hobbies and sports that you pick out for them. However, a better way is to expose them to a variety of sports and hobbies to allow them to choose what interests them. The list is endless and can include anything from simple Lego, reading, and fun painting ideas for kids, to ballet, theater, and live sports.

Children have a short attention span and might quickly like to move on to the next thing. Therefore, be patient if they soon tire of their recent interest and move on to something else. Encourage them on their chosen interest until they seem to settle for a particular interest. 

Welcome their ideas

A child’s ideas are evidence of creativity. Therefore, do not be quick to ridicule or dismiss what seems like a bad idea. Take the time to draw your child out and try understanding their logic, rationale, and thought process behind even bad ideas. Reason with your child, and help them realize what more they need to consider about their idea.

 Reasoning encourages them to share and open up to you as a parent.

Try to keep the atmosphere friendly and light. It encourages your child to voice an idea the next time without fearing repercussions.

Allow them independence and freedom.

You do not have to occupy every waking moment of your child. It’s exhausting for you as a parent. Leave them to their own devices to allow them to use their imagination and resources to explore their ideas and interests.

Letting your children propose some plans and games for the day strengthens their creative minds. As a parent, you balance how far you give them time to do the activities they decide to do.

Reduce Screen Time

When watching TV, we consume the information with little proactive or creative thinking. Therefore, the more time your child spends in front of a screen, the less time they have to nurture their creativity.

Put a limit on the time your child can spend in front of a screen, and then have them use the remaining time to read, paint, draw, come up with a story, play, etc. Alternatively, you could meet them in the middle and have them use their screen time on apps designed to encourage writing, making music, painting, or drawing.

Involve Them In Your Hobbies And Activities

A place for children to start is by taking an interest in some things you do. Researchers note that children in their younger years look up to their parents as their role models. As a role model, you are the most influential person in their lives. They want to be just like you.

Therefore, be it shopping, laundry, camping, fishing, or painting their bedroom. Involve your child in whatever you do. You will strengthen your bond with your child while opening their eyes to a wide range of interests. 


Why is it important to encourage your child’s creativity? It enhances their ability to be innovative, try new things, and take pride in their accomplishments. It requires a little more effort, but the reward outweighs the cost.

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