Diamond Rings: a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamond engagement rings are as classic a pairing as salt is with pepper: proposing with one has become such a common tradition, it’s nearly cliché. For many, a diamond ring isn’t something encountered in daily life, and it’s likely we’ve never laid eyes on one until the thought of marriage comes into play. Naturally, this leads to a plethora of questions when it comes to selecting the perfect one. What types of shapes and materials are ideal for an engagement ring? Exactly what does carat mean, and what is the typical number for these rings? How much should one anticipate spending?

There are many stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding diamonds, from the old “diamonds are too expensive”, to “you should at least spend three months of your salary on an engagement ring” to “diamonds are always transparent and shiny”. None of these is necessarily true.

How much does a diamond ring cost?

None of these myths is necessarily true and we are going to dispel some of those right now.

For starters, diamonds are not necessarily expensive, and there are diamonds for every budget. The price of a diamond will depend on many factors: size, carats, cut, colour, purity… among others.

Another myth is that diamonds are always transparent:actually, diamonds might be slightly coloured depending on if there are other minerals in them. Coloured diamonds are often cheaper.

The third myth is that you need to spend 3 months of salary in a diamond ring for engagement. There are rings for every budget, and the cost of an average ring in Singapore is about $1,230.90. Of course, the price and the quality of the ring will vary depending on the retailer: that is why you need to find the best. Jann Paul offers the best and highest quality diamond engagement rings in Singapore. It offers personalized rings to match the tastes of your significant other, and offer something completely unique. Diamond rings are no doubt a perfect engagement ring.

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