Can You Resize Tungsten Rings?

When it comes to wedding rings, tungsten wedding bands are a popular choice, especially among men. Its unique composition of tungsten carbide fortifies a strong bond that makes it scratch-proof, durable, and resistant to all kinds of harsh or abrasive materials. This type of ring is perfect for guys like Bear Grylls to wear out in the wilderness. Nevertheless, it is all fine and dandy until you start gaining or losing some weight over the years, and you realise that your wedding ring doesn’t fit as snug as it used to. Or as some claim, they’re not putting on the excess weight but it is the ring that is shrinking!

Sure, we’ll believe them. But not really. As you will see later on in this article, the durability and resilient nature of tungsten wedding bands are the exact reason why they cannot be altered or resized. Keep reading to learn why tungsten wedding rings cannot be resized, and what to do should your wedding ring no longer fit as comfortably as it used to.

The Eternal Matrimony of Tungsten and Carbon

Time for a quick chemistry class to understand why and how tungsten wedding bands are so resilient. It all has to do with their chemical bond. Pure tungsten is a metal. When metals bond with nonmetal elements, they form ceramics through covalent or ionic bonds. The formation of these bonds is more rigid than metallic bonds.

This makes its unique features such as its rigidity, which in turn also causes it to be less pliable. Not to mention, tungsten carbide also has a higher melting point. To put it into perspective, other common ceramics include bricks, gemstones, and glass so you can imagine just how solid tungsten wedding rings can be.

Why you cannot resize tungsten wedding bands

Before we continue, let’s first learn how the usual process of resizing wedding rings occur. Resizing a ring just means to adjust its size. Regular rings made of platinum, silver, or gold have no problems being resized as their elements are formed through a simpler chemical bond. The process of resizing is done by the action of compressing or stretching the ring to make it narrower or wider. The limit as to how much is advisable to resize a ring is not more than two whole ring sizes.  

In the case of a tungsten wedding ring, its formation although tough and sturdy is also brittle. Plus, once tungsten carbide is formed, it can’t bond with any other material. And lastly, tungsten carbide rings are not flexible at all. Imagine cutting a tungsten carbide ring as cutting glass, it just won’t work! The pieces would break and go in every direction, creating a painful mess.

What to do if you need to resize your tungsten wedding ring

So, what if your tungsten wedding band doesn’t fit anymore? If it is too loose, you have the risk of losing it which means you will have to get another one. On the other hand, if it is too tight, you risk losing blood supply to your finger! As a tip, should your tungsten wedding ring get stuck or cannot be removed from your finger, use something like vise-grip pliers that can apply enough pressure to break the ring so you can safely remove it.

Having said that, both scenarios still warrant a new ring! Your partner would not be happy to suddenly see you without one. So, the solution if you need your tungsten wedding ring resized, is to buy an entirely new ring!

Besides its superb qualities that make it a durable ring, tungsten wedding rings are also of the more affordable spectrum. You can find tungsten wedding bands online from as low as $139.99 to as high as $199.99! You might even find the exact same as your current one and your partner will not notice a thing. In fact, buy a few extras for safekeeping in case anything happens to your ring in the future.

Alternatively, if you are on the market for a new tungsten carbide wedding ring, ensure that the retailer offers a guarantee for lifetime resizing. Most jewellers will have this option where if your tungsten band no longer fits, just bring it in to swap for a new one at no or minimal cost.

If you are looking to buy a new ring, be sure to check out each material’s properties or special maintenance requirements. Overall, tungsten wedding rings are mostly a guy’s thing. Although they cannot be resized, they are still a popular option due to its affordability, charm, and resistance to roughness.

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