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Sushi is one of the tastiest food to eat. In this article we will go over the different types of sushi rice brand.When it is prepared well, all you can do is eat to capacity. Did you know that it has some sushi rice health benefits? Well, it boosts metabolism and regulates hormones. Another sushi rice benefits is that it is also responsible for heart health and blood circulation. This is why you should eat sushi more regularly. Then comes the major challenge of choosing the best sushi rice brand. How do you narrow down to the ultimate one? Yes, there are many brands in the market to choose from. But you need the top-quality ones to satisfy your expectations. Read on below to find about the top 5 best sushi rice brand reviews to buy and cook at home.

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Nishiki makes the cut to the top 5 best sushi rice brand. It is mainly grown in California because of the ideal weather and rich soil. It weighs 2.25 kilograms or about 5lbs. The rice brand is medium grain in size. It is widely used by many people to cook sushi due to its standards and is widely considered to be one of the popular top rice brands.


-Nishiki has an excellent aroma when it comes to taste. The rice tastes so good that you can add it to any delicacy.

-Nishiki sushi rice cooking instructions is plenty out there in various cook book recipes. You will never run out of ideas.

-Cooking is easy because it is of world-class quality. Also, it remains fluffy and soft after preparing it. It doesn’t dry up making the meal hard when consuming hence it's a popular choice among different types of sushi rice brand.

-The rice is packed in ample quantities of 5 pounds. This means that you can use the product for long. You can also store it efficiently.

-It is pocket-friendly thus you can buy as many bags as possible


-Its nutritional value is a bit low because it does not contain any minerals or vitamins.

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Is another one of those outstanding Japanese sushi rice brands that will impress you. It is produced by the Tamaki Company that has a good track record of products. The rice comes in 4.4 pounds of smaller packaged bags. It is short-grain rice which is also great for sushi. The rice is milled which translates to clean and germ-free rice. The bag weighs 6.80 kilograms or 15lbs. It is also grown in California which makes the brand exemplary.


-The rice is durable because they can be packaged in 6.80 kgs. Thus, you can use rice to cook many meals.

-It is of high-quality because the rice is milled making it fit for human consumption

-The bag is resealable which means that you can open it and close it back. This is convenient because the content Is safe and will not spill.


-Tamaki Gold is a bit pricey for the rice quantity. This means that you have to dig deeper into your pocket to buy the rice brand.

Best Sushi Rice Brand

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It has been in the market for 60 years. Therefore, you are dealing with an exceptional product. The incredible rice comes in quantities of 15 to 20 pounds. It is manufactured by Botan which has the best rice brand. It has the sushi rice grain size of medium grain type of rice which produces perfect sushi. It is also grown in California.


-The rice is durable because you can buy it in bulk. This way, you can be able to make all your favorite sushi without lacking rice.

-Botan Calrose is Kosher-certified which means that the rice is of top-class standards.

-It is natural without artificial preservatives. You will be consuming rice that is ideal for your health.


-It can be sticky or mushy when the right amount of water is not used

-Botan Calrose rice for sushi is pricey as compared to the other rice brands

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The rice brand is grown in Texas. It is also packaged there in gorgeous containers. It comes in 907 grams or about 2lbs. The rice is the short grain type. It is stored in a jar which is beautifully designed. You will definitely love the attractive packaging and is also one of the best rice brand to buy.


-RiceSelect is available at affordable prices. You can buy them in bulk because it has a low cost for sushi on brand.

-It is all natural due to its non-GMO nature. The rice is grown in fertile soil and irrigated using clean water.

-You can store the rice efficiently because it comes in a container.

-It has a delicious taste and aroma that fills up the air as you cook.

-It is healthy because it has about 3 grams of protein in its content.


-The package comes in a small quantity of 907g. You will have to keep buying them when you run out of stock

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The black Japonica comes in various different packaged rice brands. It ranges from 6 to 16 ounces of rice. It is quite distinct because it is whole grain rice. Lundberg is a mixture of black rice which is short grain, and mahogany rice which is medium grain. It owes its origin to the Japanese seeds. It has a mushroom flavor which you can smell as you prepare the dish. The rice is grown by Lundberg farms in the heart of California and has good sushi rice nutrition.


-It is the healthiest rice in this top 5 buy sushi rice list. It is Non-GMO and also gluten-free.

-Lundberg is vegan thus; you can enjoy all the nutrients it comes with.

-It has the best flavor which has a mushroom taste in combination with awesome spices

-In terms of quality, it is exceptional. It is also certified by Kosher since it meets top-class standards.

-The rice is the easiest to cook due to its whole grain feature. They don’t get sticky and they come out perfectly cooked.


-It is quite expensive bearing in mind that the rice quantity is low.

-The cost is due to its high nutritional value.

-You also have to buy more than one packet of rice to keep you going. 16 ounces of rice will not last you a week if you love sushi.

Final Verdict

Accordingly, the list makes the best sushi rice brand. All of them have their unique advantages making them perfect. My ideal pick is the Nishiki because it comes with a good price. It is also easy to cook, and you will not struggle in any way. Nishiki is delicious to all sushi eaters which makes it outstanding among the different types of sushi rice brands. The aromatic flavor tops up the reason Nishiki is the overall best. In addition to that, you cannot run out of rice. You can restock it once it is finished. Alternatively, you can buy it in bulk. With that said, you can enjoy your sushi with all the above rice brands. They are all healthy and tasty meant just for you.

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