Are Accommodations for Students in Bournemouth Safe

Leaving your family home for the first time often poses a challenge. The absence of family and the familiar comforts that home provides can be daunting for many students. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t deter you from making the most of your time at university. The secret lies in discovering an ideal place that becomes your second home, something that is certainly achievable with the numerous Bournemouth student accommodation alternatives currently on offer.

Here, we’ll try to ease your mind by addressing any concerns you may have over safety in an area you aren’t familiar with. While it’s true that some areas are safer than others, you should note that security at any accommodation is also dependent on the residents living in. So that’s what we’re going to focus on here. By following these tips, you’ll be helping to keep both you and your belongings safe.

Keep Your Door Shut

You don’t want to make it easy for an intruder to walk into your room. Make sure you always lock your door and close your windows when you go out, especially if you have a balcony or you live on the ground floor.

Keep Things Hidden

Don’t leave money or such valuable items as laptops or mobile phones on show when you’re out of your flat or room. Keep them safe and hidden. By making sure your room remains clear with your valuables well hidden will reduce the odds of you falling foul to theft, as potential thieves will have a hard time finding anything of value.

Keep Important Items With You

To prevent people from entering the building and your room, you should make sure you have your swipe card/access fob and keys with you. If you have one stolen, you should tell someone at reception right away. They can cancel the stolen access and issue you a replacement.

Lock Up Your Bike

If you’re taking your bicycle to university, you should minimise the risk of it getting stolen. To do so, keep it locked in a designated storage area of your accommodation using a quality lock.

Keep Your Eyes Open

When you’re walking in and out of your accommodation, make yourself aware of who is around and behind you. You don’t want anyone you don’t know following you into your building, flat, or room.

Get a Taxi Down the Street

It isn’t the best idea to inform those around you that you and your housemates will be out for the night. If you all cram into a taxi right outside your home, you’ll be letting your driver and anyone else around know that the house will be empty for the rest of the night.

By getting a taxi to pick you up from down the road or around the corner, the driver and others around won’t know which house will be empty for the night.

Wrap Up

With multiple students sharing the same accommodation, with their own gadgets such as phones and laptops lying around, burglars see a way to get some quick wins and valuable rewards.

It’s been said that one in three burglaries are a result of windows and doors being left unlocked. So make sure you stick to the basic tips above, especially if you don’t have student insurance.

These tips will help keep your accommodation safe and protect you from having anything stolen, even if you do get burgled. 

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