6 Truly Fun Ways to Get Fit Within Months

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In the pursuit of keeping up with the pace of our lives in today’s modern world, picking up the cellphone from the dressing table is the only crunches we perform. And while struggling with the time constraints, exercising and getting fit often sit low on our to-do list.

Sure, workouts are intimidating, particularly it becomes more nerve-wracking when starting for the first time or resuming after a long break. As a result, your brain might come up with various excuses not to exercise. It’s tough; it’s time-intensive, it’s an exclusive club, only for athletes who are already super active – are common excuses.

But who says staying fit and healthy has to be hard and painful?

If the idea of physical exercise conjures up an image of bodybuilders and extreme athletes lifting heavyweights in a spartan-style fitness center, you might need to rethink. Workout can be whatsoever you want it to be – any form of exercise that gets your blood pumping.

An activity that includes both aspects – physical and fun, can help you get your body moving while putting a smile on your face at the same time. Not only this, but they’re more likely to turn into a habit because such activities won’t feel like exercising anymore.

So, whether you wish to spice up your routine or kickstart your fitness regimen, here’s the list of enjoyable activities that might entice you to jump off the couch and get weaving:

Enjoy bike riding

If you wish to go for fun cardiovascular and aerobic exercise, look no further ahead than a bike ride. No, you don’t have to be Floyd Landis to practice a good workout.

All you need is to tie up the laces of your sneakers and put on the helmet – because safety first. Pedal at a leisurely speed as long as you feel like riding or give yourself the challenge to climb uphill.

Here’s the pro tip – use gravel bikes before you embark on this endeavor. These bikes allow you to ride on almost every surface, from hilly areas and flat roads to any off the beaten path.

Dance your heart out

If you and your friends are unsure how to spend the night, suggest going to a club and dancing. It’s a fantastic cardio exercise that not only gets you drenched in sweat. It also burns calories and gets your body moving to the beats of the music.

Alternatively, you can sign up for dancing lessons in nearby studios or clubs. Zumba? Flamenco? Tango? Swing or pole dancing? You will find it surprising how different dancing styles can get your heart beating faster.

Even if you fail at synchronization and aren’t the most coordinated person on the earth, a dance class will help you work out without you even realizing it.

Fear of dancing in public? Create your playlist and let your body loose.

Walk, walk, walk

If you aren’t very fond of jogging, try power walking. With this fun workout idea, you can strike the right balance between a casual stroll and a run. All you need is to take short, quick steps and stretch your arms naturally as you practice this great walking technique.

Also, if you have run out of groceries and wish to go shopping, resist the temptation to hire a cab. Instead, consider walking. To add a fun element, count the number of steps it took you to reach the grocery store.

And if you have plenty of time at hand, try a walking tour of the city. No matter where you reside, explore various corners of the city, ones you have never been to before in your entire life.

Or better yet, pick a historic spot. This way, you’ll learn something new while keeping your body in shape.

Team up

Are you a sports fanatic? Then, let’s use your passion to shed some pounds.

Scout the websites of different sports leagues in your area. Whether you wish to dust off your old high school football or have always wanted to play basketball, recreational league sports offer plenty of options.

And if you have squandered the opportunity to join the league, sign up as an alternate player. When it’s peak season, the team requires additional players more often than not. So, you may be the first one on their list to call.

Nonetheless, for older people, a walking football is a perfect option. It’s almost similar to regular football, but you don’t need to run. This low-impact and gentler version of sports offer several health benefits, such as better mobility, lessening the risk of diseases, and controlling blood pressure.

Spice up daily house chores

How about you keep your house in shape? And this, in turn, helps you meet your fitness goals and keeps your body in good condition. Sounds so good to be true?

If you wish to kill two birds from one stone, try to manage house chores and work out simultaneously. For instance, tooth brushing and filling containers with water may seem tedious. To liven up things, turn your two to three minutes of flossing and brushing teeth into a toning workout by performing push-ups.

Wish to turn your mundane cleaning activities into fun? Then, play background music and do some squats or a set of crunches whenever new music begins to play.

Try rope jumping

Sick of the same old fitness routine? Weary of running on the treadmill? Let’s bring back the nostalgia and feel like a kid again by rope jumping.

Remember those days in childhood when everyone used to master the art of double-under? Rope jumping is a full-body cardiovascular activity and an ultimate calorie blaster. What’s more, it also exerts less pressure on joints than jogging.

So, head over to the backyard or dedicate a room with tall ceilings for this fun workout idea. Play an upbeat song and start jumping. It may seem harder, but it’s undoubtedly fun.

Final Words

With most of us on a time-crunch and jam-packed routine, the thought of fitness often remains on the backburner. Or we deliberately toss it out from our priority window. However, it’s about time to take a deep breath and grab every moment of opportunity to stay fit and healthy.

With a plethora of super fun exercise ideas, you may wonder where to start? Begin with the workouts that you feel most passionate about, or opt for the physical activities that you find intriguing. Rope jumping, hula hooping, and cycling are some of the fun activities that you might not have performed since you grew up. However, it never hurts to give them a try again and reminisce about your childhood.

If one exercise idea doesn’t inspire you, hop on to the next ones. Remember, there’s no one-size-might-fit-all approach when it comes to staying fit. All that’s to say is, try again and again.

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