What is Autism and How Does it Typically Present in Boys and in Girls

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In the US, 1 in every 44 children is diagnosed with autism. In 2021, over 5.4 million adults were living with autism in the United States, accounting for 2% of America’s population. Going by the statistics, it’s easy to assume that the US is the leader in the cases of autism.

But the main reason the numbers are high in America is the high screening standards for the condition. Other countries could have much higher numbers, but there would be no way of knowing as many cases can go undiagnosed.

So, What is Autism?

In the medical field, autism goes by the name autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in medical circles. ASD refers to a range of conditions resulting in developmental disability.

Unlike other disabilities, people with autism may not have apparent futures that distinguish them from every other person. The most noticeable sign of autistic people is their inability to socialize like other people. Often they will have a problem expressing emotions such as love.

Also, the level of disability caused by autism varies between one individual and the other. Some will require having a caretaker to do basic things such as taking a shower. The symptoms are relatively mild in others allowing them to lead an almost normal life.

Autism Affects Boys and Girls Differently

While autism can occur in both girls and boys, it tends to occur in more boys than in girls. According to statistics, there are four boys for every one girl with autism.

Experts say the low prevalence of autism in girls compared to boys may not necessarily mean that boys are at a greater risk. This difference may be because some girls may go undiagnosed since the effect of autism on girls can be pretty subtle.

Symptoms of Autism

Girls and boys manifest different symptoms of autism. For instance, children with autism tend to have repetitive behavior and limited play areas. However, this trait is more prevalent in boys than in girls.

Nonverbal communication is also a big challenge for children with autism, with boys having more challenges than girls. Studies show that girls are better at following nonverbal gestures such as pointing and are somewhat more focused and less prone to distractions.

Boys and girls with autism tend to engage in disruptive behavior for different reasons. Boys often engage in disruptive behavior to gain objects, while girls do it to get attention.

The one area where boys show better results than girls is the area of mental health. Studies show that girls with autism are more likely to suffer depression and anxiety than boys.

Causes of Autism

Medications Such As Tylenol during Pregnancy

Autism is caused by a combination of factors that can be genetic or non-genetic. The use of Tylenol during pregnancies is one example of a non-genetic factor that has been seen to increase the chances of autism in children.

If your child has suffered from autism due to Tylenol dosage while pregnant, you should consider talking to Tylenol autism lawyers to help you pursue justice and the rightful compensation.

The manufacturers of Tylenol, McNeil Consumer Products Co., a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, knew or should have known the effect of Tylenol on the unborn child but failed to warn users. As a result, they carry liability for damages caused by drug use.

Genetic Causes of Autism

Autism runs in families. However, experts believe that genetics alone cannot be the cause of autism. Genetics only predispose an individual to autism.

When factors like the use of Tylenol during pregnancy, birth complications, and being born to older parents come into play, the chances of autism developing in children whose genetic makeup makes them vulnerable increase significantly.

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