Truck-on-Truck Collisions: What Causes Them?

Conversations typically revolve around trucks impacting smaller cars, but incidents involving trucks colliding with each other also happen. In recent times, there has been a significant increase in truck accidents. A prime factor contributing to this surge is the unprecedented number of trucks navigating the roads today. Collisions between trucks frequently lead to severe injuries and substantial damage. Understanding the reasons behind these accidents is crucial for drivers to safeguard themselves. 

Truck Accidents Leave Behind Devastation

When two trucks collide, the drivers and passengers of both vehicles may suffer serious injuries or even death. High speed often causes a greater impact, which can prove deadly. When someone has been injured in a serious truck-on-truck collision, they must learn their rights. Getting assistance from a lawyer helps injured victims protect their rights. Individuals can learn more at

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Though most truck drivers drive with caution and follow the rules of the road, some drivers become negligent. Whether through intentional or non-intentional acts, negligence proves deadly behind the wheel of a massive eighteen-wheeler. The following are some of the common causes of truck accidents across the country. 

  • Driver error is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck accidents are ten times more likely to be caused by driver error than any other reason. 
  • Another common cause of truck accidents is driving under the influence. From prescription to illegal drugs, drivers can be negatively affected. These drugs impede a driver’s ability to control their trucks and respond appropriately. 
  • Truck drivers are more likely to cause an accident when they are driving in unfamiliar territory. When drivers are unfamiliar with roads, they may be surprised by curves or obstructions that cause them to wreck. 
  • Distracted driving is also a prominent cause of truck-on-truck accidents. Distractions include texting, phoning, eating, and talking to passengers. When truck drivers become distracted, they may cause serious accidents that lead to death. 

Driver Fatigue Causes Many Accidents

Another prevalent cause of truck-on-truck accidents is driver fatigue. Driver fatigue is an issue that continues to plague the industry, despite strict regulations being in place. Truck drivers are limited to the number of hours they can drive in a day and must take rest breaks to get ample sleep. 

Unfortunately, many truck drivers are pushed beyond their limits. Because they are pressured to transport goods quickly, they sometimes break the rules and do not get the sleep they require. A sleepy driver is just as dangerous behind the wheel as one who is drunk. 

What About Equipment Malfunctions?

Not all truck-on-truck collisions occur because of driver fault. Sometimes, there are equipment malfunctions. The following are some of the common reasons for equipment malfunctions. 

  • Improper tire tread
  • Failing brake systems
  • Transmission failures
  • Improper trailer attachments
  • Loose loads
  • Steering defects

Injured Truck Accident Victims Should Seek Legal Help

Those who have been injured seriously in truck-on-truck wrecks need to learn about their rights as injured victims. The victim should schedule a consultation appointment as soon as possible so they can learn about their legal options for recourse. 

Because the statute of limitations passes quickly, injured victims should not wait too long to get legal help. A lawyer will guide the victim through the entire process of seeking fair compensation. The lawyer will work with the insurance company in negotiations. If the insurance company refuses to settle fairly, the injured victim has the right to seek a lawsuit. 

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