Does Homeowners Insurance Really Matter for High-End Condominiums?

Condominium insurance provides protection for personal items that are damaged or stolen, as well as liability coverage in the event that someone is injured on the premises. It fills in the gaps that your condo association’s policy might leave. If your home is still being financed through a mortgage, homeowners insurance is typically mandatory. For those owning upscale or luxurious condos, securing homeowners insurance is crucial. Continue reading to discover the significance of this protection.

What is Covered?

Condo insurance, such as that from LoPriore Insurance, covers what an HOA does not. This could include replacing stolen belongings or repairing the inside of a condo unit after a fire or destructive storm. Homeowner’s insurance also covers liability in case someone is injured on the property. It could cover things such as a dog biting someone on the property, but not all dogs are included in policies. If you are a dog owner, be sure to check the policy more closely.

HO-6 is another name for Condo insurance or homeowner’s insurance for condominiums. Mortgage lenders usually require that properties, whether they are single-family homes or condominiums, be covered under homeowner’s insurance to protect their investment. Even if the loan is paid off, sometimes a home owner’s association (HOA) will require anyone with an individual unit to have condo insurance. 

High-End Condo Belongings

Personal property damage covers the items in the condo if they are stolen or damaged. People who live in high-end condominiums typically have more expensive items in their condos, so this type of coverage is essential. Jewelry, furniture, and expensive antiques are just a few of the items that luxury condos tend to contain. These “disasters” usually include fire, wind, and hail. While a condominium’s homeowner’s insurance will cover the outside of units and common areas if a disaster happens, they will not cover anything that is inside of a condo. That is the condo owner’s responsibility.

Additional Living Expenses

If a condo owner finds themself unable to live in their condo due to a natural disaster, many condo insurances will cover living expenses at a hotel, or other location while the repairs are being done. For property owners who are used to living in high-end accommodations, they will appreciate the fact that this coverage allows them to continue living in the style that they are accustomed to.

Liability and Medical Coverage

Condo insurance will cover expenses if someone chooses to sue a homeowner for negligence or if there are medical expenses to be paid from someone being injured on your property. People with larger assets need to protect their assets from possible lawsuits, or they may find that they don’t have many assets left at all. Homeowner’s insurance is a form of protection for everyone, both low and high income.

Additional Coverages

Standard homeowner’s policies will cover the depreciated cost of items in your condo if they should need to be replaced. It is possible to upgrade to replacement cost coverage, which would provide the actual cost to replace the item in today’s market. This can be helpful for luxury homeowners, as many of their items would be costly to replace. 

Luxury homeowners may also want to add a scheduled personal property coverage, as some items, for expensive items such as jewelry, art, and firearms.

Protecting your home and belongings is important. Don’t neglect to get homeowner’s insurance, even if you own a high-end condominium. It will provide peace of mind and financial security that you can’t afford to lose. 

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