Katong Restaurant Specialties That Will Please Your Taste Buds

When you are looking for Katong restaurant specialties, you will discover many different dishes that conserve the rich flavours of the heritage of the Katong district. Thus, you will enjoy food that is refreshing, authentic and traditional with the added flare of gourmet style food. This food is refined for those who have palates that crave Joo Chiat style food. You will be a fan of the noodles that are presented in a curry broth of coconut milk that is absolutely divine.

Then you can also enjoy some Peranakan style food when you are seeking to enjoy some Katong restaurant specialties. Thus, you will be able to enjoy ayam buah keluak. The black nuts are presented in a rich, unforgettable bladk gravy. Also, you can savour the deliciousness of nasi ulam that is always done to perfect with the right ratio of spice, herbs and rice.

Katong restaurant specialties also include parag crab bee hoon and wontons. This dish is rich and tasty. You will delight in the fact that the crab meat is cooked tenderly, so that it almost melts in your mouth. That is why so many people often crave for this dish when they are seeking Katong restaurant specialties. Also, it is nice to indulge in the exquisite pleasure of a har jean kai burger that combines chicken and shrimp to make a juicy burger that you will want to eat frequently.

Your taste buds will be satisfied with  these fine quality dishes as well as other dishes that are offered among the many Katong restaurant specialties. The food is always presented in a lovely style that adds to it being so appealing. The food is made with fresh ingredients and is truly a representative of the wonderful culture of Singapore. This type of food is comforting and delicious.

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