I Want Kisses! 4 Interesting Facts About Kissing

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Smooch, smooch, smooch... When was the last time you've been kissed?

We don't mean an obligatory peck on the cheek by that European aunt you only see once a year; we're talking about the kind of kiss that sweeps you off your feet - the kind of kiss that's so hot, it gives you butterflies in your stomach at the first brush of your lips. If it's been a while since you've had a heated make-out session, you're probably waiting with baited breath, screaming “I Want Kisses!” in your mind. While we can't send you kisses through the computer, here are some neat facts about snogging that should tide you over till your next first date.

1. French Kisses Boost Your Immune System

Of course, you shouldn't swap spit when you have the sniffles. But did you know that kissing can prevent you from developing colds and allergies in the first place?

According to some recent research, it only takes a 10-second kiss to transfer as many as 80 million bacteria. Though that sounds gross, don't let it discourage you from locking lips with your latest love interest. All that bacterial transmission may actually strengthen your immune system and grant you an extra layer of defense against pesky allergies. In fact, if you share smooches with the same partner over an extended period of time, the same research shows that your microbiome slightly changes to resemble that of your partner. So, keep kissing, and cheers to good health!

2. Kissing Elevates Feel-Good Hormones

It's no secret: Kissing makes you feel good.

Have you ever wondered why a kiss feels like a flash of euphoria, especially when you're locking lips with someone for the first time?

Science proves that what kissing does to a woman is a lot like a high from a recreational drug. Kissing releases a rush of hormones including adrenaline, oxytocin, and endorphins. Each of these hormones promote relaxation, attraction, confidence, and passion. In fact, kissing someone for the first time causes a stronger flood of feel-good hormones than any subsequent kiss. So, if you want your heart to soar again, look for a new love on free dating site Promenad - gopromenad.com, and seal your first date by leaning in for a kiss.

3. Kissing Burns Calories

Who needs to work out when you can cuddle up with that special someone and make out instead?

If you're counting calories, get lost in those long, drawn-out, passionate heartquakes. It turns out that just a minute of kissing burns as many as 88 calories. The rush of adrenalin, an increased heart rate, and the many facial muscles and nerves at work during your kiss all contribute to the calorie burn. In many cases, a hot and heavy kissing spell leads to further intimacy, so there's even more opportunity to burn off some energy while in the company of your partner.

4. The Longest Kiss Ever Lasted Over Two Days

How many minutes did your longest kiss last? Can you imagine making out for hours without coming up for some air? In 2012, a couple in Thailand had no trouble breaking the world record for the longest kiss ever. their kiss lasted more than 58 hours.

I Want Kisses!

Do you find yourself chanting "I Want Kisses" more often these days?

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