10 Helpful Tips To Properly Take Care Of Your Pet

Pets are your canine friends that require unswerving attention & care. The first & foremost thing about pet care is to realize they are not accessories that you can forget or give up on. You need to accept the responsibilities that come with adopting a pet.

Like humans, pets have feelings too. Sometimes, they feel more than humans. However, leaving them on their own because of your sudden urgency triggers anxiety, despair & behavioral abnormality among them. That’s why you need to think twice before pet parenting. 

However, if you are confident of owning a pet but stressing yourself about how to take care of them properly, then follow these tips-

1. Ensure Timely Vaccines

It doesn’t matter if you adopt a little kitten or puppy or an adult pet; make sure they are vaccinated. While welcoming a new puppy or kitten in your family, always prioritize the vaccinations. Try to take your pet to the vet within the first few weeks of its arrival.

Vaccinating your pet reduces its chance of contracting some fatal illness. If you ignore the vaccine schedule, your pet may suffer from rabies, distemper, Lyme disease & so on.

Once you pay your first visit to the vet, set up a timetable for the next vaccination. Remember, vaccines need regular renewal & all ages of pets should get it for your own & your pet’s safety. 

2. Routine Veterinary Visit

A regular check-up with the vet prevents the risks of getting a severe disease. Also, if problems arise, the vet can take precautionary measures and treat the illness early on. You can handle common problems like flea attacks with a cat flea collar, but you will have to rely on your vet to treat severe issues.

It’s advisable to take your pet to the vets once a year. But if you have an adult pet, it’s better to take them for a check-up twice a year. This schedule may vary depending on your pet’s physical condition & age.

Sometimes it gets tricky taking your pets to the vets as they get scared. In that case, try to find a more friendly vet for your pet who has a lot of experience handling pets.

3. Prioritize Identification

Losing puppies & kittens are a common thing & it’s heartbreaking too. However, to solve this issue, focus on proper identification.

To start with the basics, get an identification tag and put it on the collar of your pet’s neck. The young puppies & kittens tend to run away or dash out of the door.

Identification is crucial to make sure you get reunited with your lost pet. Also, attach your contact info with the collar band. Ensure you give detailed information, so if anyone finds your pet, they can contact you immediately.

However, there’s a problem regarding the collar & tag. Often, these tags fall off.

In that case, you can try using a microchip. It’s a small rice-sized electrical device that doctors can implement under their skin to keep track of it.

4. Dental Care

If your pet is suffering from oral problems, it may become periodontal disease if not looked up carefully.

Periodontal diseases occur because of the accumulated bacteria around the teeth. If not washed properly, these bacteria can destroy the teeth & soft tissues surrounding the teeth. The bones also become prone to severe damage.

Regular brushing is a must to prevent this scenario from happening. The other benefits of brushing are the relief from gingivitis, bad breath, etc. Try using a special dog/cat toothpaste to clean their teeth. Brush your pet at least three times a week & get a yearly oral cleaning by professionals.

5. Clean Your Pet's Mess

Nowadays, dog poop bags/dispensers are available everywhere. Keep one with you always & be careful while walking them on the road or park.

Carrying a dog poop dispenser will save you the world of trouble. But you also need to focus on toilet training.

For cats, clean the litter-box once/twice a day. To get rid of the stink use, white vinegar, baking soda, or enzyme cleaners.

Wash your pet with pet shampoos designed for them regularly.

6. Consider Spaying/Neutering

Sterilizing is a great way to keep your beloved pet healthy. It further reduces the risks of complicated pregnancies & other diseases.

Spaying means to cut off the ovaries or uterus so that they become infertile. Thus, you reduce the chances of cervical & ovarian cancer. Neutering male dogs are done by removing testicles. Neutering will help in keeping your pet calm & reduce any aggressiveness.

7. Provide Healthy Food

While feeding your pet, it is difficult to maintain the required amount of fiber, proteins, fats, and carbs. Sometimes your pet may even be reluctant to eat.

To solve this problem, contact your vet & follow his suggestions. Try giving your pet specialized pet food to ensure proper nutrients.

8. Train & Socialize Your Pet

Training & socializing your pet is instrumental. From the very first day, try to train it the basics. Potty training should be the very first training lesson.

If you want your pet to listen to you, work with him & train him well.

Don’t forget to reward him for his excellent behavior. Again, don’t expect a pet to understand what to do & when to do it without training. You need to train him thoroughly for that.

9. Be Careful About Pet's Safety

Remove any sharp objects that may cause injury to your pet. The outstretched cables, wires are their favorite chew toys.

Identify if any plants may be harmful to them. Give them inexpensive DIY toys for play. Replace the old toys & give them blunt & new ones. 

10. Ensure Engaging Playtime

Do not leave your pet alone for the whole day. Try creating bonds with them. Spend quality time with it and spare time for games.

But do not always pamper your pet. If you pamper it or reward it too often, it will develop separation anxiety, which can be hard to deal with.

Final Thoughts

Owning a pet is fun, but it comes with a few sets of responsibilities. But if you take care of them, they will also take care of you and always be there when you need them the most. Consider the tips above and be the best pet parent you can.

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