How to Play the Colorado Lottery

Similar to other lotteries, relying solely on fortune won’t suffice, as strategy plays a pivotal role in boosting your odds of victory. It’s essential to grasp the probabilities and rewards, as well as identify which games could provide you with a leg-up. Below are practical suggestions designed to assist you in playing and securing a win in the lottery.

Understand The Rules Of The Game

Understanding the rules of the game is the first step to help you be a winner. Failure to know your role in the game will make you get kicked out of the lottery. To participate in the Colorado Lottery, you must be 18 years of age and above.

To make it fun and easy to win, follow these simple steps.

Select Your Numbers

There are 40 available numbers, and you have to select six of them. You can check for random numbers by checking the Quick Pick box or by using a play slip.

Purchase A Ticket

You can get your tickets readily available from retailers. Once you get the ticket, it will have a multiplier and your numbers. You can use a debit card to purchase the ticket but never a credit card.

Use The Plus Option

By adding the Plus option, you can get $1 extra for every play. When purchasing a ticket, the numbers you selected will be used when an additional draw is conducted instantly after the lottery drawing. If your six-number selection matches the numbers drawn, you win a whopping $250,000 Plus a jackpot.

If the numbers matching are 3 to 5, the multiplier on the ticket will multiply them.

Play Multiple Drawings

With Advance Play, you can buy 26 drawings, up to 13 weeks, in advance. You can ask the retailer or clerk on the play slip for the Advance Play box and then you can use the same numbers to play in all the drawings.

Check Your Wins

You can choose to have your winning numbers sent to your email or cell phone. You can also check on the local newspaper, late-night news on selected TV stations, or from retailers.

Understand The Odds

Understanding the odds of a game helps you make a better decision on where to set your eyes. When playing the lottery, unless luck is on your side, the odds of winning do not favor you. The winning odds are slim to win the jackpot, and neither do the other games have better chances.

Scratch-offs have some of the best odds depending on the game you will be playing. Even though the payouts are minimal, you get to minimize the risk of losing your money.

Understand The Payouts

About 55.5% of the total sales entail payouts in the lottery wins. Therefore, only a small percentage gets paid back to the players. As such, you have to decide if the payouts are worth the winning odds of the prizes available.

Cash payments are about 50% of the overall cash prize. Scratch-offs attract prizes, with the least being $50 and the highest being $3 million. There is a grand prize of $1000 per day or $365,000 per annum and $25,000 per annum for the runner-up prize.

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