How to Instill a Love of Reading in Children

It's widely discussed that today's youth are not engaging in much reading. Often, technology and gadgets are held responsible for this trend. However, even before the advent of these devices, individuals naturally gravitated towards being either readers or not. What can be done to spark a child's curiosity in reading? Motivate them to pick out books themselves from the shelf. Furthermore, consider taking advantage of the current global circumstances to purchase books online.

How to instill a child's love of reading from birth

Read even when the child doesn't know the letters yet. Vocabulary begins to form from 10 months, from two years old children perceive phrases as a narrative, and from three they become interlocutors themselves. At the same time, parents often do not read to their children. "What's the use? The little ones don't listen to books anyway!" they say. But this is not quite true. The active attention phase of a child under the age of one and a half is only about four minutes, and only increases to 20 by the age of three. But even in these meager time periods, it is necessary to read to the child, at least short poems and fairy tales. So you will sow the seed of love for books in pre-school children. Not only reading but understanding and discussing the book makes the process special. Lauren Grabois Fischer believes in empowering and educating the kids to be proud of who they are and to live a positive and peaceful life.

How to instill an interest in reading by example

  • Form reading habits. Many people have triggers that give them double the pleasure of reading. Some people like to run their fingers over each new page, because that's what my mother did, and someone can't imagine getting acquainted with a work without a glass of milk, as in childhood. Help your child form their own rituals. For example, try reading with him in the bathroom or make it a rule to discuss every book you read. The latter may encourage him to look for reading friends in the future.

  • Set a personal example. The more often your child sees you reading, the more likely they will be to pick up books themselves. In non-reading families, children understand very quickly: "Mom and dad don't read, and they are doing well, why should I read?» or "Mom and dad have no time to read, I also go to school and to the section, so I also have no time, you can not read." The child should see an example — hold a book in your hands for at least 15 minutes a day.

Mistakes that will discourage the child's interest in reading

  • It's too early to start

If you want to develop a love of independent reading in a child, do not start prematurely. At 3-4 years old, a child is interested in listening to children's fairy tales and works read aloud to him, but it is too early to sit down to study letters.

  • Read aloud inaudibly

To get your child interested in reading, start with expressive reading aloud. Use all your acting talent to keep the child's attention. Over time, he will get involved and want to read for himself.

  • The psychological pressure

It will not be possible to instill a love of books in a child if you push and demand quick results. Let him read what he likes and start when he feels like it. You won't get anywhere with pressure.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to instill in your child a love of reading, the main thing is to maintain their interest in literature and set an example. You may propose your child buying a book he/she likes in the supermarket, in a bookshop or use an opportunity to buy books online due to the Coronavirus situation.

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