How To Alleviate Soreness When You Stand All Day

Whether your profession demands that you stand for extended periods or you’re preparing for an upcoming special event which necessitates being on your feet throughout the day, the outcome may be considerable discomfort. In severe cases, continuous standing might lead to serious health issues, including cardiovascular conditions, pain in the legs and back, varicose veins, and complications related to pregnancy, among others.

Frequent standing takes a toll on you, and it gets exhausting. But, if you stand for long periods regularly, your body may adjust, and you may not feel the strain. However, it does not mean that you are not harming yourself. It is critical to take precautions to avoid the adverse effects of being on your feet all day.

Here are some ways to alleviate soreness from standing and prevent it from happening again.

Wear Comfortable Shoes and Socks

To manage the strain on your feet from prolonged standing, you need to make soft padding for them. Invest in comfortable shoes and socks that provide the support you need. You can also get inserts in your shoes that offer more arch support. The feet take most of the strain when standing and should get as much comfort as possible.

To enhance the comfort, wear appropriate shoes. Choose comfort over fashion by buying the less stylish shoe option, and you will be glad you did it in the long run. When the feet get proper support, it ensures the legs & feet are well-aligned, reducing the strain on the muscles. Less tension on muscles means the whole body is at ease.  

Take Care of Your Joints

Always listen to your body, especially when it asks for rest. It is tempting to test the body’s limits when you have tasks you must do, but you put your health at risk. Your joints may seem ok at the beginning but eventually, fold into life-threatening conditions. Give your body time to recover and listen to what it needs.

Between strenuous standing activities, you can opt for a massage or restorative yoga to bring ease and comfort to the joints. Your time spent sleeping should be when most of your rejuvenation happens. Make sure you have the appropriate bedding implements for your sleep needs to recover from being on your feet all day. Choosing the best mattress by body type can spare you a lifetime of suffering.

Move Around

Standing may be your only option because of the nature of your job or the activities you undertake regularly. If this is the case, you can find a way of working around it to avoid devastating consequences.

Avoid standing in one place for too long. Making movements, however slight, reduces the tension associated with immobility. Take purposive steps across the room or short walks outside to enhance blood supply to the muscles. 

If the movements are not an option, try to get off your feet when you can. Take rests after approximately two hours of standing to give your body a break. Such steps help with circulation and avoid pressure on the body from staying in one position for too long.

Build Strength

Bodies have different thresholds of withstanding tension depending on their physical fitness. You can train your body for resilience to avoid the adverse effects of standing. Build your strength to better handle being on your feet all day by exercising. Weight training for better body support or walking frequently will better condition the body to handle standing all day.

You need not get into an intense physical workout suddenly. You can start with a low-impact exercise like a leisurely bike ride, a 30-minute walk, etc., which enhances your body endurance. Build up to more intensive physical activity as your body adjusts. The more you work out, the less you worry about prolonged standing.   

Adjust Your Posture

Poor posture results in grave health conditions in the long term when sitting or standing. People mostly think of posture when sitting but rarely when standing. You can have poor standing posture by slumping, slouching, forward-head bending, etc. To avoid strain, position yourself such that all muscle groups, joints, and ligaments align well to reduce tension.

Many people suffer from poor posture at one time or another. A sustained habit causes soreness that will not go away. Practice rolling your shoulders down and back and keeping your core engaged. Keep adjusting to the position until it becomes a natural placement for the body. Body alignment can help alleviate the symptoms of standing all day.

Alleviate Soreness from Standing All Day

You need not feel stuck with the consequences of standing all day if it is part of your routine activities. You can take particular actions to avoid the adverse effects of prolonged standing. Remember that bodies differ in resilience, and you must know what yours can withstand. Take precautionary measures as you also build body strength and stay healthy as you undertake your activities.

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