Dog Supplies and Extra Tips: Guide for First-time Fur Parents

It might be hard to believe, but acquiring a dog or puppy could turn out to be among the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever encounter. There are moments when individuals grow weary of human interaction, and it’s at these times that our canine companions invariably step in to save the day. Oddly enough, they manage to provide a sense of validation and can even dispel the feeling of loneliness.

Well, they’re not given the “man’s best friend” title for nothing. So maybe, you’re at that point of your life where you just want to bring one home. And you did. But the next big question is: now what?


What to do next?

Being a fur mom or dad for the first time may feel too overwhelming – and that’s okay. It’s understandable to feel nervous, especially that you have many to prepare and plan ahead before welcoming the newest family member. The greatest thing you can do here is research and learn about a dog’s behavior as much as possible.

If you feel unsatisfied with the answers that the internet gives you, then it’s time to get some advice from real-life experts. In this case, it’s best to choose those who are readily available in your area.

For example, if you’re living in Australia, you might want to check out VitaPet Central and seek professional advice from their team of pet experts. You can contact them directly through the VitaPet Australia website. Another advantage about them is that they also offer dog and puppy treats in addition to tips and tricks.


Essential Dog Supplies

Part of the preparation process is a checklist of things your dog needs, which calls for dog supplies! As more and more products are created and added to the market, though, it may get confusing. So to help you narrow them down, here are the five most essential things you must never go without.


1.    Dog Collar

Giving dogs their collar has somehow become an unwritten rule for most pet owners. This is because having one expresses ownership, and thus, it will become your dog’s ID. In here, you can put your pet’s name and your contact details in case the dog gets lost. If you want, you can also add their routine medical health information.

When choosing a dog collar, make sure that it is in the appropriate size and fit. This is because too tight or too loose ones may feel uncomfortable and sometimes even harmful. It is also essential to check its fit regularly, as dogs tend to grow and increase in size fast.


2.    Leash

Did you know that a dog collar and a leash actually go hand in hand? In fact, many collars contain a D-ring where you can attach the leash. This item is handy when you feel like you want to take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Since the area is relatively new for him, putting your furry friend on a leash while walking will keep him from getting astray. Plus, you can also guide him where to go.


3.    Bowls for Water and Treats

Like you, your dog also needs something to eat so they can regain their energy to play around again. That is why preparing their food and water bowls is essential, too. Unfortunately, not many dog owners think much about what material the container should be made of, but since they are part of a dog’s must-have item, putting a bit of thought into it won’t hurt.

The three most commonly used ones are ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel bowls. Although ceramic bowls are more stable and decorative, they tend to be porous and breakable. On the other hand, plastic and stainless steel bowls are sturdier and not easily broken. However, they are not as stable, so your dog can push them around while eating.


4.    Comfortable Bed

Besides a collar, leash, and bowl, you also need to prepare a bed where your dog can sleep soundly. It doesn’t have to be costly or anything fancy (if you can afford it, though, then why not?). As long as it fits his idea of comfort – that is, not too hard or too soft, too cool or too hot, too thin or too thick – then you can be sure that it will be one of his favorite places to rest.


5.    Toys

Dogs need affection and love, so they seek attention from you most of the time. When you’re too busy to do so, a toy that they can safely play with can get them preoccupied. Having this item can help you do what you need to do and avoid picking on belongings, like shoes and slippers, that they might destroy.

When shopping for toys, keep in mind that they are simply chewed up, ripped off, even swallowed sometimes. Therefore, only purchase the safe ones like durable rubber toys or those with hollow insides where you can stuff their favorite treats or foods.



The overwhelming feeling you get when you care for a dog for the first time is just at the beginning. As you start your pet caring journey, you’ll realize that it’s not as bad as it seems. But, of course, this can only be made possible if you pay enough attention to their needs, too. With this, you can start by preparing the dog supplies they’ll need as they try to fit into their new home.

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