Healthy Living: 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep at Night

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It’s been estimated that between 35 and 40 percent of adults have trouble sleeping at night. This statistic has also been shown to be affected by demographics such as where a person lives, a person’s ethnicity, and environmental factors.

Sleep is vital to a human being’s survival. Without adequate sleep, we lose focus, clarity, motor coordination, and judgment. In fact, if you go for an extended period of time without sleep, or with a total lack of sleep for several days, this can prove fatal.

Others have a more difficult time with sleep as well, such as those who suffer from sleep apnea. In these cases, many sufferers have tried using CPAP machines to help with oxygen flow. Unfortunately, certain manufacturers of these machines are now the subject of CPAP lawsuits due to the development of cancer and other medical conditions.

But, aside from medical conditions, there could be some simple reasons why you’re not getting enough rest. Here, we’ll explore a few ways in which you might be depriving yourself of sleep.


In our busy world today, we have every distraction imaginable. Even more, we have devices and apps for our every whim. And studies have shown that overstimulation due to data consumption is a true threat to proper rest.

It’s not only data consumption that can affect your nightly sleep, it’s overstimulation in any form. For example, many college students report not being able to get adequate sleep due to consuming so much information, and having to stay up late to write papers and prepare for tests.

Additionally, watching too much TV or listening to podcasts can also result in overstimulation. So if you’re up late working, watching TV, or scrolling through your phone, you might be stimulating yourself too much to be able to adequately rest at night.

Ambient Noise

Many people claim that a constant, soft noise enables them to fall asleep easier than when attempting to sleep in a quiet room. And while many people swear by keeping a fan on at night simply for the noise alone, other noises may be keeping you awake at night.

The drone of electronic devices emits high-frequency sounds, sometimes even when these devices aren’t turned on. If you’re keeping your TV on at night, or a radio or any other device, this could be preventing you from sleeping properly at night.

Other noises such as cars and trucks, if you’re in close proximity to a highway or busy thoroughfare, can cause interruptions in sleep as our sense of hearing becomes heightened at night.

In addition, noise at night has also been linked to poor sleep habits that persist throughout life, and can even have side effects that directly relate to brain health and issues with weight loss.


When we sleep, our senses become much more “sensitive” to noise, light, taste, and sound. This is largely an evolutionary survival mechanism that has developed over hundreds of thousands of years. And while we no longer have to contend with wrestling a sabertooth tiger in the middle of the night while we’re trying to sleep, today, these senses of ours still act the same.

At night, light plays a critical role in the ability for you to fall asleep. Too much light will make it virtually impossible to fall asleep. As such, the best action to take is to limit the amount of light in your room while sleeping to the bare minimum.

While some have a difficult time falling asleep in a completely dark room, having only a minimal source of light such as a soft glowing lamp, or ambient light that penetrates a window can ease any anxiety caused by complete darkness while not allowing too much light into a room.

Sleep is vital for health and well-being. As we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, it’s best to adopt practices to make this a pleasant time, instead of a time where you toss and turn because you’ve left the TV on all night.

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