Consider This Checklist the Next Time You Visit the Playground

Being prepared is crucial when you have children. Unexpected events, like a knee scrape or sudden thirst, can happen at any time. For parents, a simple visit to the nearby playground might seem like it demands an endless list of supplies. However, luckily, you only need to bring along a handful of items to be fully equipped.

Use this checklist for your next playground adventure. There are a few things here you might not have thought about but can prove to be lifesavers.

1. A Few Healthy Snacks

It's smart to pack snacks no matter how long you intend to play. You can avoid a meltdown when you have quick meals with you. Make sure to choose nonperishable options like protein bars and trail mix if you want to stock your car. Otherwise, you can take picks such as hummus and pita or cheese and crackers. It all depends on your kids' preferences. A variety often works best.

In any case, you should select quick yet nutritious snacks to ensure your children have energy. If you plan to stay for lunch or dinner, it's essential to take a substantial meal so you don't have to order takeout or rush home. You can fix a few sandwiches with fruit and chips to keep everyone happy.

2. Reusable Water Bottles

Many children don't consume enough water. In fact, your kids need to drink at least 7 cups per day to stay hydrated. That's especially true when they're physically active. It's essential to pack a few reusable water bottles whenever you visit your local playground. This way, you can refill them at a water fountain without any concern about germs. Plus, you'll produce less waste.

You can also take juices or sodas for a treat if you like. That said, you should always have water on hand. You can pack one or two large bottles or give each kid their own. Either way, it's vital to take water. Check that your containers are full before you leave the house.

3. Bandages and Ointment

There isn't a more enjoyable atmosphere for kids than a playground. After all, it's impossible to have a bad time when you can swing and slide. Today's playgrounds have various new safety measures to keep children guarded against injuries. For instance, it's common to use rubber mulch rather than wood for fall protection. However, you can never be too careful.

It's smart to pack a first-aid kit so you can address cuts and scrapes. You can use a spare makeup bag to keep bandages, ointment and any other supplies you'd like to access. Feel free to stow your kit inside your car for easy access. That's one less item you have to check off. Plus, you'll have supplies for other kids who may need a bandage for a scratch.

4. Sunscreen and a Towel

There are many ways to protect against sun damage when you're outside. That said, you should always pack a sunscreen with SPF 50. Children older than 6 months need to wear sunblock so they can avoid burns. You'll likely want to choose a solid sunscreen so you can see where you've already applied. Make sure to cover your kids' faces, too.

You can also have them wear hats, sunglasses and other protective gear. Pick a shady spot for your towel or blanket, too. Even on cloudy days, it's crucial to practice sun safety. Be sure to reapply every hour. This way, they'll be able to play without any risks. You should also pack coverups if there's a water feature. Your children should be able to have fun safely.

5. Toys, Chalk and Bubbles

A playground provides a fun space for kids to play. That said, your children may want to take a break. Items like toys, chalk and bubbles can keep them entertained as they rest. You can also take supplies for a sandbox or another unique area at your playground. Plus, you'll have a way to occupy your younger kids while keeping an eye on your older ones. It's a win-win for everyone.

You can buy a few cheap toys specifically for your playground trips. This way, your children won't fret if they leave one behind. Create a toy box or container for these supplies so you have easy access. Store your entertainment items with your first-aid kit so you'll always be able to find them.

Try This Checklist for a Fun Trip to the Playground

A trip to your local playground doesn't require too much preparation. That said, you should remember these suggestions for your next adventure so everyone has a fun time. Use this list to ensure you check every box before you leave your house. You'll thank yourself later!

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