8 Tips to Grilling Successfully in the Rain

If you consider yourself a fervent aficionado of food, nothing will thrill you quite like the aroma and taste of freshly grilled, sizzling steak and pork.

But what if it comes grilling in the rain?

Not possible?

Everything's possible if a steak is at the stake.

Read along and discover the master tricks for successfully grilling in the rain.

Get cover

The only way to have an uninterrupted barbeque even in rainy weather is by ensuring you have something to cover from the pouring rain. You could fix some protection at a very low cost by propping a patio umbrella with a bucket filled with wet sand.

However, if you are aiming to become a seasoned all-season barbeque pro, you should invest in a barbeque canopy or fix up an awning against the backyard wall. If you are passionate enough and if your budget allows, we strongly recommend installing a full-fledged permanent grilling station.

Kindling the fire

Lighting the fire for the barbeque can turn out to be a huge challenge in the rain. Matches don't serve their purpose if you've got wind blowing too.

If you have a barbeque lighter, the task may be easier to tackle. It is best to have a gas grill instead of a charcoal grill because charcoal tends to absorb humidity from the weather.

Keep the wind off

A strong wind can really blow off your outdoor grilling plan. Even if you've fixed up a shelter from the falling rain, you need something to keep the wind from sweeping in sideways.

There's a simple way out. Build a windbreak. All you need is some plywood fashioned as a wind block. Ensure that it is securely propped and provides a stable structure against the wind.

Charcoal management

Charcoal grills can present a major setback to barbequing in the rain. It is highly recommended to store the charcoal in sealed bins, far away from the dampening effects of humidity.

When setting up the grill, create an elevation with the help of bricks, so that the coal is away from wet grass and soil.

Temperature control

Maintaining a high temperature in the grill when the weather is cold and moist can be tough. You should keep some extra charcoal handy to stoke in the fire.

Every time you open the lid to check the cooking status, you let in cool. Try to cook low and slow, so you don't have to open the lid too often. You can also monitor the grill temperature using grill thermometers.

Choosing the dish

If you're going to cook outdoors in the rain, it will be wiser to select the meats that cook low and slow.

Fast cooking food like steak or burger needs constant overseeing, and this can get too tedious in rainy or stormy weather. Go for chicken or pork instead.

Cooking hacks

In fact, you could also partially cook the dish indoors first. This way you can be sure that the meat is completely cooked and just needs a little reverse searing.

You can also wrap vegetables with seasoning in aluminum foil and leave them on the grill. This will get you warm, moist and smoked veggies, right alongside the meat.

Grilling safely

Incessant rain may tempt to carry the grill indoors or inside the garage. On our sincere recommendation, you should dump this idea forever.

The smoke from the grill can fill the air inside choking your lungs with harmful gases. Besides, there is always the risk of sparks of coal flying astray or flare-ups from the grill.

But always have a back-up plan

Sometimes despite all your planning and efforts, the rain may be too much to handle. It is likely that you won't be able to manage the grill no matter how hard you try.

Bad weather is no reason for spoiling a hearty scrumptious meal. It's just better to do the cooking in the indoor kitchen instead.

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