🥇Best Gas Grills Under $300 of 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide🏆

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Do you fancy the idea of going outdoors and spending time with your family and friends over a BBQ party? If grilling is one of your passions, then you definitely know the importance of owning a good gas grill. These days, gas grills have come to replace those manual wood and charcoal grills that we were once used to before. In fact, they have now become one of the most used outdoor appliances in many homes. But suppose your old burner gets damaged or you also don’t want to be left out in this outdoor cooking fun and you have a tight budget, what are your options out there? Fortunately, even at the below $300 price point you can still find a great gas grill without forgoing any of the must-have features. In fact, you will even come across a few great products that will leave you double checking if that is really their price. This is why we have taken the time to search the internet and come up with this guide. So without further ado, here are the top 5 best gas grills under 300 reviews.

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Despite being under $300, this is unquestionably one of those high-end best gas grills that you can find in the market today. This unit features a very easy to use electronic ignition for quick start up. There are a total of 3-high performance burners that when combined give a total heat capacity of 36,000-BTUs. With this burner, you get a cooking area of over 390-square inches as well as 117-square inches warming area. To help retain heat, it comes with a double-walled lid that is made of stainless steel. There is also a temperature gauge, a towel bar, a towel hook, and some side shelves.


•Easy to assemble

•Heavy duty construction

•Extra side tables

•Foldable design

•Inbuilt Temperature gauge

•Large workspace


•Might be expensive for some people

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If you are looking for a more modern and stylish gas grill with a very practical purpose then this will be a very useful addition to your patio. This product comes with a very unique round-design that is crafted from extremely durable steel material. It features a dual zone burner and delivers a maximum heat transfer of up to 21,000-BTU. If you live in a small home or like going camping, it has the added advantage of providing easy storage. It also has a temperature gauge, a removable grease-catching cup for easy cleanup, and side shelves integrated with tool hooks. What’s more is that it’s side tables gives you plenty of space that can support up to 25- pounds.


•Consistent heat

•Great for searing

•Easy to assemble and cleanup

•Durable construction


•Some parts rust quickly

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If you will only settle for a grill that can work on natural gas and liquid propane then this is a good deal. The grill comes with a primary cooking space measuring over of 325-square inches. In addition, there are metal shelves for providing enough space for all your cooking supplies. To ensure your food is evenly cooked, there are porcelain-covered iron gates. With a total heat capacity of over 18,000-BTU, you can expect superior performance from this product. There is an electronic ignition to provide you with that instant start-up. Another useful feature is the temperature gauge which ensures that you enjoy all your grills.


•TRU-Infrared technology

•Small and foldable

•Storage cabinet provided

•Temperature gauge

•Very durable

•Heats the food uniformly

•There is secondary cooking surface area


•Turns very hot thus requires grilling gloves

•Weighs a lot

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With a cooking power of 54,000-BTU, this is one gas grill that truly lives up to its name-Megamaster. This product comes with an oversized table that enables you to conveniently prepare your foods. With an all-black look with some red highlights, it is one of those products that will impress you at a glance. To ensure heat retention and food is cooked evenly, it comes with porcelain-enameled cooking grates. The shelves measure over 13-inches wide making them able to accommodate several cooking supplies and ingredients. For quick startup, there is an electronic ignition as well as a built-in thermometer for easier regulation of the cook box temperature. It is also worth noting that this product has 6-burners but no single dedicated side burner.


Very durable

Quick-start electric ignition

Vast cooking surface

Large shelves

Built-in thermometer


Has no assembly instruction

Very gas hungry when all the burners are ignited

No side burner

Takes up a lot of space

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While Weber is a brand that is well known for it’s high quality and well-designed grills, you will realize that their products are never cheap. This is why we were pleased to find that this model costs slightly less than $300. Although it may look quite basic, it is a very compact and potable grill that is fantastic for those small areas. In fact, you will easily fit this product into the trunk of your vehicle. At just 42-pounds, it comes out as the best portable, high-grade gas grill in the market today. The cast aluminum construction makes it very durable and a lot easier to clean. In terms of power, it delivers 12,000 BTUs, features a built-in temperature gauge, and a convenient push-button starter.


•Push Button Ignition

•Easy Cleanup

•Lightweight and compact

•Best small gas

•Built-in thermometer

•Made with very strong material


•Not ideal when cooking for many people

Final Verdict

Gas grills are the best way to add some excitement to your outdoor parties. Compared to charcoal grills, gas grills not only heat up much faster but also cook food evenly. However, if you are on a budget and looking for a the best gas grills under 300, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice some of the most important features. All the grills that we have listed above are high performing products of very high quality at a price that still brings joy to your pockets. However, if we had to pick just one out of the 5-products in our reviews then it would be the Dyna-Glo-DGB390SNP-D. It is very portable, extremely well-built, built to last, and can cook anything ranging from steaks to burgers. Nonetheless, if you had already found a product that is perfect for your needs, you can go ahead and add it to your wish list.

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