How Boswellia Can Be Used for Improving Our Dogs Health Conditions

Any caring pet owner will want the best for their pooch and when their dog is in pain or has an injury, pain medications can help, but they will most likely come with various side-effects too. The choice to opt for natural medication should always be the first one. They work better, give the pet comfort, and have mild to none side-effects. One of these well-known alternatives is the natural tree known as Boswellia, which has been used on dogs to help relieve a variety of conditions.

Boswellia Has Been Around for A While

This tree goes by other names too i.e. Indian frankincense and has been around since the days of ancient especially amongst the Egyptians who used it in their creams and personal products. It is an extract derived from the tree itself – the Boswellia Sacra Tree, mainly located in the North part of Africa. Tested for treating anti-inflammatory conditions, it can also help relieve pain, arthritis, diarrhea, urinary disorders, and nerve diseases.

In recent years, this extract has been added to not only human products but w whole array of animal products too, and have been combined with CBD and fatty foods which you can view here. Let’s dive into seeing how it can help our four-legged companions.

What it Can Help Our Pets With

Let’s start with how it can help pets with arthritis. Just like humans, dogs get arthritis too and are prone to a few different things that affect them with age. This particular condition leads to swollen joints of the knees, hips, back, shoulders, and elbows and because dogs are always on their fours, they tend to put constant pressure on all their joints.

This, coupled with pain, can be a harsh adversary for an animal that can’t talk or express how they feel. Boswellic acids have been seen to treat any condition where the symptoms involve inflammation and research has shown that in just as little as two weeks, a dog’s osteoarthritis is improved by over 70%. The study involved almost 30 digs that had a spinal disease and chronic joint pain and the results were amazing. The further perusal, this study can be found online

Another way in which this has been beneficial to dogs is it may treat various types of cancerous growths. The enzymes inside of it have the potential to affect DNA and although the studies that show results have been geared towards human beings, there is no doubt that it will do the same for animals. In humans, it has resulted in fighting against advanced breast cancer cells and hindering brain tumor cells from spreading and limiting malignant leukemia.

We are not certain how exactly the mechanics work, but the results are clear. When gum resin was taken from the tree essential oils were prepared from it which showed major benefits during aromatherapy sessions with patients who are suffering from tumors, and it has been shown to have these tumor cell-specific pro-apoptotic and anti-proliferative activities to help optimize and suppress aggressive phenotypes in breast cancer cells.

In inflammatory diseases such as IDB and asthma, this natural acid has been used, due to the inclusion of phytochemicals known as terpenes, which helps to lessen these ailments and contribute towards a more comfortable respiratory system.

Any Side-Effects?

Boswellia is completely harmless to pets. There may be some minor side effects and the worse that has been seen ins nausea and diarrhea possibilities. But with the right dosage, it is very unlikely that the dog will have any of these.

Because this is a natural product it does not come with side-effects that many conventional medications do and choosing this as an alternative to treating your dog can have more benefits in the long run because it can also be used for longer periods.

The recommended dosages will depend on the size of your dog as well as it’s age. Animals have different metabolisms and as such will process the product differently. Make sure you buy only the purest form of extract and follow the manufacturer's dosage guidance to the T. there are tons of reputable online sources that can help you figure out how much to give, and the typical dose for a 50-pound dog would be in an around 300 mg twice a day. the maximum period you should give it your pooch is for two weeks, after which you need to reduce the dose.

Products made from it include pills, resin, and creams, and can also be combined with CBD or other food groups. It may be the best investment you make for both your hound and yourself!

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