5 Tips for Replacing Interior Doors

Doors are the most overlooked elements of a house when remodeling. Besides serving functional needs, doors add an aesthetic appeal to the home. While replacing interior doors, you need to understand the costs, the type of doors you need, and who needs to replace the doors. Below are a few tips to guide you when replacing doors.

Determine the Type of Door You Want

The door you settle for will be determined by the house style, the size, and the intention of replacing it. Interior doors are available in various materials and styles, making them easier to complement the home’s decor. There are numerous door options to select from, and you might need the input of certified dealers like Door Plus for guidance.


This is the first factor to consider. You might need to keep the materials used before replacing the door. However, you can choose from long-standing wood or a medium-density fiberboard which is more cost-effective than wood.

Hardware Style

Selecting the right hardware for the door like the doorknob is key to the overall design. You need to determine if you want locks, like deadbolts, chain locks, and padlocks.

Door Trim

Changing the door trim offers a new fresh look while providing a decorative feel. Additionally, the trim enhances insulations that save energy bills since the air produced by the HVAC system stays indoors. Although there are many options in the market, you need to settle for a quality trim. The trim you opt for should be measured correctly and fit before purchasing.

Consider Doing it Yourself

In some cases, DIY can lead to mistakes like the door failing to latch because of an unmatched latch and hole placement or errors in framing. However, if you want the project to achieve the best results, you can hire qualified personnel since it minimizes the chances of mistakes and accidents. A professional will also guide you on the type of door to choose from based on your house style and budget needs.


The cost of replacing the doors depends on the style, the number of doors, and additional work involved, like replacing traditional doors with more modern options like sliding doors. Factor in the labor costs involved. Most importantly, the replacement budget will depend on the price of the door and the contractor installing it. If you have a contractor in mind, ensure you gather the necessary details regarding cost before signing anything.


Testing eliminates the problem where some door openings may be too small or too large. This is why you might need the input of professionals to help you identify the right door. The door should be centered in the opening with a keen interest in identifying any gaps.


Replacing the doors at your home is central to upgrading your general style. The goal is to get it right by selecting the right door and factoring in elements like costs. However, you can opt to replace it yourself or go for professionals.

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