3 Easy Ways to Lower Your Stress


No matter if we are going through emotional tension or physical one, the problem of stress remains the same. It is the reaction of the body to a challenge or demand. It can come from a thought or an event that makes us angry, nervous, or frustrated.

Sometimes stress has a positive effect on us. Increase of stress to complete a task before the deadline is an example of positive affect. But most of the time it affects a person’s health negatively. Stress affects the mental and physical health of a person. It can cause depression, anxiety, anger, or restlessness in a person.

For a healthy lifestyle, we need to reduce the stress. It will help us to maximize our potential and live a happy life. Our daily routine of breathing, that requires no effort at all, can help us a great deal to lower the stress.

In normal we just breathe and don’t even pay attention to it. If we start paying a little attention to breathing for a few minutes daily and take time for doing it properly, it will make our body fight against things like anxiety and stress.

Research paper helper easy prepared these 3 ways to lower the stress other than breathing that should become part of our daily routine without doing much effort.

1. Help yourself by noticing the stress:

Some people feel the stress physically and mentally while for others it is all about mind and not physical.

All we need to know is the physical and sometimes mental changes we go through when stress shows up. We can feel the stress while we are talking to someone or sitting on a chair. If we know that we are stressed, we can take a quick step to reduce it.

We need to stretch ourselves if we are feeling the stress in our body such as shoulders, neck, or jaws. A moment of mindfulness about our feelings can help us to reduce the stress rather than going through the physical and mental restlessness for several days.  

It is not that difficult to realize the stress but it means a lot.

2. Avoid worst-case Thoughts:

It is human nature that while thinking, we are quick to conclude the worst-case scenarios rather than positive sides. These worst-case scenarios and thoughts related to it are a major cause of mental stress.

These kinds of thoughts are not productive at all. Using energy to resolve the problem based on these imaginations that have nothing to do with reality is exhausting. Our body indeed responds to these thoughts negatively thus creating more stress.

What we need to do is to avoid thinking worst-case scenarios thus keeping ourselves positive most of the time. Visualization can help us to slow down these thoughts. The power of visualization will get us back to the real world when we start thinking negatively.

3. Live in the current moment:

Another common practice of humans is continuously thinking about the past or future. We normally tend to think more about the threats we can face in the future or what we have done wrong in the past. All such thoughts are negative and play a critical role in creating stress or increasing it.

We can avoid these negative thoughts of past and future through our will only. It will help us to adapt to a healthy lifestyle that is important for physical and mental well-being.

We need to live in the present. Rather than thinking too much about the past or future, we should focus on the specific moment we are living in. Not only it helps us in reducing the stress but also increase the utilization of the existing resources. 


These were the three easiest ways to lower the stress that we can make part of our daily routine. These steps may be small and effortless but are very important towards a healthy lifestyle.

 Try these methods and they will surprise you with the positivity they can create.
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