11 Tips To Sleep Comfortably In Your Bed

Studies have confirmed that adequate sleep is essential for our bodies to operate effectively. But, are individuals currently getting enough rest? Unfortunately, the data on this matter is quite alarming. A recent survey revealed that in 2019, Americans were getting under five hours of sleep per night. Experts agree that without seven to eight hours of restorative sleep, it’s impossible to stay alert and energized. Surprisingly, 70 million Americans are dealing with sleep-related problems. So, what steps can you take to make your bed more conducive to sleep? We’ve compiled several strategies to help people achieve the necessary sleep duration each night, ensuring they wake up feeling refreshed and productive.

Secrets to a good night’s rest

Why can’t you sleep peacefully? People often intermix insomnia and restless slumber when they’re two different problems. Around 30% of adults in the USA experience short-term insomnia. However, experts have formally diagnosed insomnia as a disorder. In contrast, the definition of restless slumber depends on the person experiencing it. Though, patients share some symptoms that include tossing/turning often or being half-asleep throughout the night. Moreover, some folks are frustrated with their inability to sleep. Now, what causes this problem? Health experts have unearthed uncomfortable mattresses as a possible reason why you can’t rest. So, we’ll tackle some bedroom-related but sleep-exclusive strategies here:

Get comfy mattresses

People often have problems with their old mattresses, due to which experts suggest replacing a mattress after 5-7 years. A study discovered that changing mattresses after nine years helped people deal with back pain. Heavier people complain about their beds not being resilient or breathable. So, they should purchase the best mattress for heavy people with better durability and higher longevity. It can help them sleep better.

Regulate the temperature

People often have problems sleeping when it’s too hot. Experts suggest that you should keep your bedroom at 60-72 degrees Fahrenheit for sleeping comfortably. We also have a greener solution that involves installing a ceiling fan in your home. Almost 80 million Americans use them to regulate nocturnal temperatures. It would be best to sleep at different thermostat settings to identify which one seems more comfortable. That’s how you can sleep tight every night!

Put your foot out

You should sleep while one foot’s peaking outside the covers. It might appear childish, but there’s a scientific explanation behind this technique. Putting one hand/foot outside the sheets can help the heat dissipate effectively from your body, thereby cooling you down. It keeps your body comfortable as you sleep. Since people require moderate temperature in their bedrooms for a good night’s rest, don’t mind your hand/foot hanging slightly outside. It’s only helping you regulate your body heat.

Grab a pillow

An exciting survey indicates that 38% of Americans sleep with a stuffed animal. So, why do we need a bedtime companion when we’re sleeping? While hugging someone/something makes us feel safe, grabbing a pillow between your knees helps your body remain aligned too. Experts concur that you should sleep with nice, soft pillows as they’re super-soothing. They make you feel comfortable while mitigating the levels of anxiety. Having a stuffed animal as your sleeping partner sounds healthy.

Kill all the lights

Illumination may compel you to stay awake every night. Your SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus) resides inside your brain and controls the body’s timing system. When it receives luminous signals through the optic nerves in your eyes, it restricts the release of melatonin, thereby initiating alertness. However, keeping the bedroom darker hampers cortisol release and induces slumber. That’s why it’s crucial to avoid exposure to electrical lights, as it may disturb your circadian rhythm and obstruct rest.

Consume less coffee

Caffeine remains a popular beverage, with over 90% of Americans drinking it for freshness. It boosts your energy and helps you concentrate better. However, you shouldn’t consume caffeine late in the day because it’ll arouse your nervous system and disrupt a good night’s sleep. It’s been suggested that drinking coffee 6 hours before sleeping may keep you restless throughout the night. Similarly, you should cut back on alcohol consumption to sleep peacefully after a hard day’s work.

Keep pets off the bed

Some folks can’t conceive being separate from their pets even when they’re sleeping. A study shows that over 70% of Americans sleep with their animal friends. Among them, more than 40% share their bedrooms with their pets every single night. Though cats and dogs make you feel safer, experts believe that your furry mates are the reason why you’re not sleeping properly. Maybe you should ask your pets to sleep on the floor, especially if you’re an insomniac. Sleeping alone can be the remedy here.

Electronics are scary

It’s unnatural to surround yourself with excessive technology, especially your LEDs. A study shows that the blue light emitted by these LEDs restricts melatonin release from your brain. It obstructs a good night’s rest more dangerously than white light. That’s why it’s important to purge your reliance upon electronics before sleeping. Some phones now have “do not disturb” modes that keep everyday internet notifications at bay when you’re sleeping. This feature ensures that you’re sleeping offline.

Respect the rhythm

We suggest waking and sleeping consistently to maintain your body’s circadian rhythm. This practice will display long-term health benefits. Experts believe that people with irregular slumber patterns cannot sleep peacefully and remain restless in their beds. A lopsided pattern disturbs your circadian rhythm, thereby affecting the levels of melatonin that tell your brain when’s the shut-off time. Establish your routine carefully by waking and sleeping at fixed hours. It’ll help you find some peace in your dreams.

Consider some nudity

Are you comfortable sleeping stark naked in your bed? For some homeowners, this practice helped them overcome restlessness. A 2018 study indicated that two-thirds of millennials slept naked. We have more men preferring bedtime nudity than women. Removing all your clothes does make you feel comfortable for the long night ahead. Moreover, if the fabric doesn’t fulfill your needs properly, it just seems appropriate to ditch it for good. After all, animals don’t wear clothes in bed either.

Shower some lavender

Showering some lavender scent on your pillow can help you calm down and neutralize negative thoughts. Researchers at the National Sleep Foundation have supported this theory that lavender sprayed on a pillow helps people enjoy a good night’s sleep. The scent relaxes you while you’re being restless and unwinds your troubled mind. Moreover, sleep experts also suggest washing your pillowcases and bed linen regularly. So, ensure that sheets are clean before sleeping in them. Give them a good wash at least once a week.


Sleeping peacefully has become a luxury we’re deprived of in adulthood. Reports suggest that 70% of Americans don’t get enough sleep at least one night a month. Moreover, some 11% complain about sleeping insufficiently almost every single night. So, how can you sleep better at night? Experts have reported that changing your mattress might induce sleep effectively. Heavier people do sleep better on firmer mattresses that help them relax and fall asleep quickly. Also, it would be best to avoid alcoholic/caffeinated beverages while establishing a regular sleep schedule. We also recommend you optimize the environment and the temperature of your bedroom to have a good night’s rest now.

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