11 Signs to Call a Termite Control Service ASAP

Termites rank among the globe’s most damaging insects, inflicting significant harm to buildings, undermining their stability, and leading to repair costs that can soar into the tens of thousands for property owners. Given their penchant for targeting wooden items such as furniture, flooring, doors, and cabinetry, shielding your residence from their destruction is a challenging task to handle by yourself. Securing expert assistance is crucial!

Many companies are professionally serving to terminate the growth of termites around your home and you can consider their strategies for fast results. Among these sophisticated service providers, Florida Environmental Guide to Termite Swarms deterioration service is highly competitive, you can have ever!

But before you move to get help, observe the below-mentioned signs if they appear in your home or around furniture. If yes, then it is alarming to bring the best solution from experts in this field.

Check these Signs Around, to Call for Help:

1. Termite droppings

Termites live inside the structure of a home and come out to look for food at night. They can’t chew through metal, glass, plastic, etc. Because they like to eat wood (and other things like paper, wallpaper), their droppings are often seen on floors, furniture, or along baseboards.

These insects are attracted by moisture so if you see wet spots with piles of sawdust nearby it could be an indication that you have termites. A professional pest control company should be called right away to take care of the problem before it becomes severe.

Termites produce fecal pellets that are passed in droppings left on damp surfaces where the termite sees fit to feed. A homeowner will not typically see them in their day-to-day lives, but you should definitely keep an eye out for these droppings:

2. Swarming or flying termites

Swarming and flying termites are a sure sign of infestation. The winged insects will swarm from the nest to form new colonies if the existing colony is under attack or has been abandoned.

These insects will also appear when the colony is located in a tree, throwing off worker termites to form new colonies.

3. Damaged wood

If you notice damage to wood products like your furniture, flooring or cabinets it’s certainly time to call in the pros because that’s not something you should try to take care of on your own. In fact, termites can cause even more extensive damage that you cannot see from the surface so a pest control company should definitely be called immediately.

4. Wax-like coating

Termites have been known to coat their nests with a waxy material produced by special glands in the body. It helps them to detect the nests and form a colony. This coating can also be a sign of a termite infestation. If you notice this, it’s time to call pest control!

5. Sounds or vibrations

Sometimes termites will tunnel through wood and cause the wood to snap, groan and creak as they walk. If you hear this kind of noise in your home it’s best to call an exterminator immediately because these sounds can indicate an infestation.

6. Piles of sawdust

Sometimes termite colonies that are located outside the home will continue to throw off droppings from the nest that collects into piles of sawdust. These piles may be located near a foundation or a wooden structure on a house and can signify an infestation if you notice them.

7. Mud tubes

These are a sign of the subterranean termite. Termites use them to travel from place to place as they find food. Some may be found outside as well as inside homes as these insects tunnel their way through damp areas of the home such as the basement, crawlspaces, or concrete slabs.

8. Sagging of the roof

One of the signs that a home is being attacked by termites is if the roof begins to sag. A professional pest control service should be contacted to take care of the problem as soon as possible because this can be a sign that extensive damage has been done, and it’s critical to get rid of these pests before they cause significant damage.

9. Dark stains on wood that resemble tar or oil

The dark stains on wood that resemble tar or oil are a sign of the subterranean termite. The soil acts as a food source for these insects, which are attracted to damp places in the home such as crawl spaces and concrete slabs. A professional pest control service should be called to take care of the problem as soon as possible because these insects can cause extensive damage.

10. Cracks in walls and foundation

If you notice that your home has begun to show signs of termite infestation, it’s important to act immediately. One sign of termite infestation is cracking in walls and foundations. It’s best to call a pest control service as soon as you notice these cracks appear in your home.

11. Visible tunnels through the foundation wall

If you notice a visible tunnel through the foundation of your home, it’s time to call an exterminator. Termites are attracted to damp areas of the home like crawlspaces and concrete slabs. These insects can cause extensive damage if they’re not taken care of promptly. Some other signs that indicate an infestation include dark stains on wood that resemble tar or oil, cracking in walls or foundations and sagging roofs.


Termites are a serious concern for homeowners. If you see any of the signs listed above, it’s best to call an exterminator immediately because these pests can cause significant damage if left untreated. But don’t worry! A professional termite control service will not only take care of your pest problem but they’ll also work with you to prevent future infestations or attacks on your property by providing personalized treatment plans that cater to specific needs and concerns about how your home is structured.

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